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Cold/Pressure-Sensitive Foam Boards

Pressure-Sensitive (Cold) Foamboard allows prints to be mounted with an instant, high-strength bond. These boards are lightweight, only 316" thick, available in white or black, and easy to cut. Foam boards are coated with a high-tack, pressure-sensitive, permanent adhesive. Prints can be applied by hand or with a pressure-sensitive manual or electric roll laminator. Other thicknesses and sizes are available- call for pricing.

Larger items ship truck- call for a freight quote!

Dry Mount Equipment

The Expression®, formerly the Bienfang Dry Mount Press, is a tabletop, heat-activated dry mounting system. It utilizes uniform heat and pressure to mount, laminate, and add texture to prints on substrates. The Vacuum Press is the preferred choice among professionals for dry mounting and laminating photos, artwork, posters, and more. Microprocessor technology and touch-pad controls ensure efficient, easy, and reliable operation.

Larger items ship truck- call for a freight quote!

Dry Mount Supplies

Dry Mount Tissue Paper is a permanent, heat-activated tissue formulated for easier bonding of porous papers and other smooth materials to foam boards, and other rigid substrates. The activating temperature is 175° F with light pressure. Dry mount tissue allows air to easily pass through materials to create a strong bond with no air bubbles- great for mounting posters, photographs, and similar documents.

Seal Release Paper is a special silicone-treated paper that protects your originals and press platen from becoming soiled. This paper is coated on one side with silicone and prevents excess adhesive sticking to other surfaces during the mounting process. Single-sided release paper is used as a carrier sheet when tissues are being laminated and as a protective layer when applying localized heat using a tacking iron.

Flexible Laminating Pouches

Flexible Laminating Pouches are designed to create flexible indoor signs, displays, or presentations quickly, easily, and with minimal waste. Laminating pouches allow you to use just the amount of film you need- no more wasting roll film! Filmsource pouches are available in a variety of sizes for use in 25", 27'', and 44'' Phoenix, ProSeal®, D & K, and other wide format mounting laminators. Flexible Pouches are compatible with inkjet, electrostatic, lithographic and plain paper media and consist of two pieces of film hinged at one end, along a short side.

Foamboards/Corrugated Plastic Boards

Plain 316" white or black foam board is designed for use with your ProSeal®, Phoenix, D & K, or other wide format mounting laminator- ideal for mounting, framing, silk screening, and more. Bonding easily with fabrics, paper, and many other materials, you can use foam boards to dry mount, vacuum-mount, laminate, or bond with spray adhesives. We also offer corrugated plastic boards with vertical openings- great for outdoor signage!

Additional sizes available- call for pricing!

Laminating Pouch Sleds

These sleds protect your laminating pouch while it is being run through your laminator. Designed for use with ProSeal, Phoenix, or Ledco wide format pouch or roll laminators for optimal results. Sleds are composed of a foam board with non-stick silicone covering- film will not stick to sleds and is easily removed. You can use sleds to process sheets or pouches through a roll laminator or to single-side laminate a print. Sleds also provides the added benefit of keeping the laminated print cool, flat, and easier to process.

Mounting and Cleaning Boards

Mounting Boards are designed for use in the Phoenix™, ProSeal®, D & K Expression® Dry Mount Press, and other heated wide format mounting pouch/roll laminators. They are made from 316" foam board with a heat-activated adhesive. This museum-quality mounting board is designed for use by those artists seeking the flexibility of a paper mount board with the superior durability and quality of a rigid substrate.

Pouch Boards

We offer a wide range of pouch boards to be used with the Phoenix, ProSeal, and other heated roll mounting laminators. Pouch Board is the easiest way to professionally mount and laminate inkjet and other large printed graphics. Pouch board consists of a mounting board coated with a low-temperature, heat-activated adhesive and a sheet of laminate attached at the leading edge of the board. To use, simply insert your print under the laminate and process through your heated roll or pouch laminator- it's that easy!

Larger items must ship truck- call for a freight quote!

Self-Stick Easel Backs

Self-stick easel backs, available in a variety of sizes ranging from 7" to 15" in height, affix to the back of pouch boards or mounting boards to produce quick and easy retail signage, counter-top displays, free-standing displays, art displays, point of purchase signs, and more. Produced with a double-wing design, all you need to do is peel and stick your image on the easel back, and your display is ready to go! These easel backs are ideal for art material, crafts, hobbies, scrapbooks, signs, and a multitude of creative projects.

Wide Format Mounting Laminators

The 44" Phoenix is a professional-grade mounting roll and pouch laminator, now available with a factory-installed roll film kit, allowing you to easily achieve a clean, professional look while saving time and money. With the Phoenix 44" Laminator, you can: mount inkjet prints to foam, gator and plastic boards; mount and laminate prints in one-pass with pouch boards; run single-sided and double-sided lamination; mount on both sides of a board; adhesive coat your own boards; make short-term outdoor signs; and mount artwork on acid-free boards.