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Laser Transparency Film

Print your best image by using Filmsource's clear transparency films for your Copiers or silkscreen positives, crafting projects and for the traditional overhead presentations. Our product line of the laser transparency copier film and the waterproof inkjet transparencies let you choose the type of film that best meets your individual needs.

Clear transparency film has a dramatic impact on the learning, teaching and the selling process ~ all will be more effective by using high quality transparency film to visually present your information.

Write on sheets or rolls of transparency film are an excellent general purpose clear material which is an industry standard in graphic arts, hand printing, overlays, and many other applications.

Inkjet Transparency Film

Inkjet transparency film is perfect for desk top ink jet printers or to use in the silk screening industry.

Our inkjet transparency film is designed to work with a wide range of inkjet printers and peripherals.

The special coating that is applied to the print side of the ink jet transparency film allows for the liquid ink to adhere to the surface of the film for sharp text and graphics with no smearing or smudging after curing.

Thermal Spirit Masters/Tattoo Transfer Paper

Thermal Spirit masters are designed to be used with all one-step thermal (infrared) duplicator machines. In seconds, you can image these masters from any original that is suitable for thermal imaging. These Spirit Masters are also used in Tattoo Shops. This is genuine Spirit brand tattoo stencil paper. Works in the 3M reprofax transfer copy machines as well as all thermal copiers!

Made in the USA!

Write On Clear Transparency Film Sheets & Rolls

It is an excellent general purpose clear transparency film material which is an industry standard in graphic arts, hand printing, overlays, and many other applications.

Any overhead pencil or marker works on these transparency film sheets or rolls of clear write on film. For use with overhead projectors.

Cardboard Transparency Frames 50/pkg Protect your transparencies from scrapes and scratches. The cardboard frame makes transparencies more professional and easier to present. Ideal for storing and organizing 8.5 x 11 transparencies.