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Standard Laminating Roll Film

Protect your prints for your classroom. These standard economical films are designed for use with school grade laminators.

Our roll films are composed of a perfect blend of polyester and adhesive, which results in smooth, clear lamination. They are available in standard homopolymer Standard laminating film is a polyester-base film that serves as an economical alternative for card applications that demand heavy-gauge protection. It features a harder homopolymer adhesive to prevent edge-ooze and a thinner gauge polyester base that provides excellent rigidity and superior abrasion resistance.

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Premium Laminating Roll Film

Our premium grade (low melt) co-polymer film runs at a lower temperature and is therefore faster. It is often used for glossy, hard-to-laminate items because of its aggressive adhesion qualities. Premium Film is a ultra clear, polyester-base film with a copolymer adhesive that adheres to a wide-range of substrates, including heavily printed papers, photographic paper, and films. Its aggressive adhesive is an excellent protector and enhancer for card applications. Call for volume pricing!

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Extra Bond Laminating Roll Film

Xtreme bond laminating film is a premium grade polyester film with a proprietary adhesive formulated for adhesion to fuser oil base inks and other difficult to adhere to digital toners. If you find that traditional films no longer adhere to your prints then Extra Bond (EXB) Films could be the Solution!

EXB, Extreme Bond Laminating Film applications: Digital prints, such as Xerox Docutech and Docucolor, Nexpress and Xeikon Systems.

Digikote UVI Roll Laminating Film

Digital copolymer films are specially engineered with UV inhibitors and LightFast technology to reduce graphic fade and protect against moisture.

DIGIKOTE® UVI laminating films feature adhesives that enhance clarity by sealing at 185'F.

Matte Laminating Roll Film

Matte roll laminating film is a convenient way to eliminate glare on laminated surfaces.

Our High Quality Standard Roll 1.5 mil Laminating Film is designed to provide protection and the preservation of porous paper materials with light to medium ink coverage.

The Premium 3 mil matte film is a low-melt film because it is backed by a heat-activated (thermal) adhesive that softens and starts bonding to the print at lower temperatures than standard thermal laminating films.

Cold Pressure Sensitive Roll Film & Kraft Paper

Our Gloss or Matte Cold Pressure Sensitive Film is made from high quality over-laminating film. This cold pressure sensitive film does not require heat and is available in a variety of sizes with a matte or gloss finish and a release liner. Cold lamination film is applied by an adhesive rather than a hot glue which is ideal for temperature sensitive products and ink. Call for additional sizes and finishes of film.

This film will work with cold pressure sensitive laminators made by GFP, Seal, Daige, Drytac, and many other manufacturers. We also offer Brown Kraft Paper that is designed to protect the bottom roller from adhesive when doing one-sided lamination.

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Heavier items ship truck. Call for a freight quote!