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T-Shirt Transfer Paper & Equipment

Filmsource offers a wide variety of Photo Copier Paper Supplies and Equipment from industry-leading manufacturers. Techni-Print and JetPro are two types of heat transfer paper available to create your own custom T-shirts you design yourself! Simply create the design you want, print onto paper, and transfer the design to a plain T-shirt for stunning results! Techni-Print is designed for both fuser oil and oil-less lasser printers and copiers, and JetPro SoftStretch is ideal for cotton, poly and cotton/poly blended materials.

In regards to heat presses, the Hix HT 400D sets the standard in the manual heat press industry because of its superior durability and years of trouble-free performance. Also, our Exuma Clamshell Heat Press offers many features of more expensive presses at a much lower cost. This affordable, durable press has a digital time and temperature readout as well as a tubular heating element, assuring that your presses will be even and precise every time!

Heat Transfer Paper 8.5" x 11" 50/box

Heat Transfer Paper 8.5" x 11" 50/box
Product #D*C11-TPEZP-50
Price: US $50.00
Price: US $44.00

Designed for both fuser oil and oil-less laser printers and copiers, Techni-Print E Heat Transfer Paper is the newest release from Neenah Paper. This product is a revolutionary laser paper- easy to use and incredibly soft. Techni-Print Heat Transfer Paper is the perfect fit for transferring personalized photos and images to light-colored shirts, sweatshirts, mouse pads, coasters, puzzles, leather, and many other materials.


Size: 812" x 11"

Printer Compatibility: Fuser Oil and Oil-Less Laser Printers and Copies

Quantity: 50 sheets per box

Priced per box

Pressing Instructions:

●Print in reverse

●Trim away un-printed areas around image if desired

●Pre-press substrate 5-10 seconds

●Temperature: 375°F

●Time: 25 seconds

●Pressure: Medium/Heavy

●Hot peel and stretch image gently

●For best color, re-press with silicon sheet


If the paper is jamming in your printer:

●Run the paper on a heavy mode such as "transparency" or "label" to slow down the paper and allow more time for the toner to completely adhere

●Use a bypass tray if possible

●Feed the transfer paper into the printer in portrait orientation (shorter side first)

●If none of these tips work, your printer may be too hot to run heat transfer paper