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Custom Color Coil SpecialsSave on selected colors and sizes of plastic coil in this section of the internet specials while supplies last. We offer special cut coils for any of your binding edge needs. 15 inch length, 9 inch length, whatever size you may need. Just give us a call.

Don’t see the color or size you need, give us a call and we’ll see if we can accommodate you.

Yellow 12" 4:1 Plastic Coils 28 MM

Yellow 12" 4:1 Plastic Coils 28 MM
Product #28YEL12-4
Price: US $59.55
Price: US $25.00

12" length ~ 110 sheet capacity ~ 28mm ~ 4:1 pitch ~ 100/box ~ Priced per box.

  • 100/box ~ Priced per box.
  • 28 mm - 1300 pieces left
  • 25 mm - 600 pieces left in stock - call for pricing!


Flexible plastic spiral coil gives a new look to professional documents, proposals, reports, calendars and more. Documents will lie flat and pages can fold back. Simple 3-step process: 1. Punch the pages. 2. Insert the coil. 3. Snip/crimp the coil ends. Coil is spun onto document via either roller. The punched edge and started coil are leaned against a spinning roller, or mandrel. Punched pages lay flat, coil slides over mandrel, wheel spins coil onto document.