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Registration is OPTIONAL. You do not have to be a registered member to purchase anything from us. However, there are some benefits for registering:

  1. Your name, billing address and shipping address will be kept on file to speed up the checkout process. Once you login to the site, at checkout, all of your information EXCEPT YOUR PAYMENT INFORMATION will already be there.
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  3. We will, from time to time, offer specials to registered members via email.
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    One coupon per order
  5. You will automatically be enrolled in our loyalty rewards program. Earn dollars to apply to future orders. See chart below.
Greater Than Order Less Than Or Equal To Reward Amount or %
US $0.00 US $49.99 0%
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US $99.99 US $199.99 2%
US $199.99 US $399.99 3%
US $399.99 US $599.99 4%
US $599.99 US $999.99 5%
US $999.99 US $99,999.99 US $50.00

If you would like to register, click here. We value you as a customer and appreciate your business. Feel free to email or contact us if you have any questions.