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SecureBind -  VeloBind

SecureBind™ Strips, like VeloBind® 11-Pin Binding Strips are durable, slim and give your presentations a professional book-like finish.

11 Pin Strip Hot knife Strips called VeloBind® or SecureBind or UltraBind Strips work in hot knife machines.

VeloBind Strips 1'' Pin, 11'' Navy 100 sets per box

VeloBind Strips 1'' Pin, 11'' Navy 100 sets per box
Product #S1NAV
Price: US $58.00
Price: US $20.36

11 Pin Hot knife Strips - SecureBind strips are Velo Bind compatible -100/box -

For Hot Knife Machines Only!

Velobind™ (UltraBind) offers a professional look without staples, glue, or chemicals and makes it easy to achieve attractive, polished results. In a quick two-step process, punched documents are secured between two thin plastic strips. The finished product is easy to stack, mail, and file. Widely used in the legal profession for documents that require a measure of security. The Quickbind systems use a hot-knife to remove excess pin from the 11-pin binding spine to create the bind.