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Velo Binding Machines

Description of VeloBind binding is: VeloBind is the most secure of the common table-top book binding processes. This type of binding is great for anyone looking for a secure bind, or who is binding thick books. If you are binding legal documents, VeloBind is the right choice for your document. VeloBind is available in three different sizes, using 1, 2 and 3 inch strips. VeloBind allows you to bind books up to 3" thick. You can also bind books as small at ten pages.

V3000 Pro Hot Knife Velobind System

V3000 Pro Hot Knife Velobind System
Product #D*TV3000Pro
Price: US $2,699.00
Price: US $1,299.00

For moderate-volume velobind binding jobs, the Tamerica SecureBind V3000-Pro VeloBind Binding Machine is a manual punch and electric binding machine that is both economical and reliable. SecureBind is similar to the GBC VeloBind method of binding, and is a great choice for secure and professionally bound documents. The V3000 Pro is compatible with the GBC VeloBind, 11 pin hot knife strips or QuickBind strips. Easy to use, the V3000 VeloBind Machine's ready light indicates when the binding is complete. This Velobind Binding System has a manual Punching Capacity of 1/8" thickness, or about 22 sheets of 20# paper, and can handle up to 3" thick and 14" length VeloBind Strips.

Specifications and Features:

  • Model Securebind V3000-Pro
  • Manufacture Tamerica
  • Binding Style Hot Knife VeloBind
  • Punching Method Manual
  • Binding Method Manual/Electric - Pull handle to activate
  • Punching Format Horizontal
  • Punch and Bind Capability Yes
  • Maximum Punching Capacity (20# Paper) 22 Sheets (about 1/8" thick)
  • Maximum Binding Capacity (20# Paper) 3" Stack
  • Maximum Binding Edge Legal size, 14"
  • Pitch (Hole Pattern) 11 Hole VeloBind pattern
  • Maximum Binding Size 3" Velo Strips
  • Disengageable Pins No
  • Open Ended Punch No
  • Operation Handle
  • Diameter Guide Yes
  • Margin Depth Guide No
  • Dimensions 18.8" W x 19.7" D x 5.2" H
  • Weight / Shipping Weight 25 lbs - Ships UPS
  • Manufacture's Warranty 1 Year Limited