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Used & Demo EquipmentUsed, Demo and refurbished equipment with special pricing while supplies last. 6 month limited warranty (unless otherwise noted). Products ~ Demo Punch & Bind Machines, coil inserting equipment, dies and cutters. Pouch Laminators. Check out our special deals on these products.

Demo Equipment
Demo Guillo Max Manual Stack Cutter
Product #DGMAX
Demo Guillo Max Manual Stack Cutter The Demo Guillomax is a heavy duty manual stack paper cutter that will cut 360 sheets of copy paper easily. This cutter includes a handle weighted clamp that ensures that your paper does not move during cutting. This helps to ensure a squared, even paper slicing through the entire stack. The razor sharp blade on the Guillomax is designed for easy, strength free cutting. This is a perfect solution for print shops, offices, schools and churches that are looking for a cost efficient paper cutter. This cutter compares with models that are higher in price.

  • Machine Size: 28" x 20" x 14"
  • Packaged Weight: 77lbs
  • Table Dimensions: 16.5" x 17"
  • Maximum Cutting Length: 17"
  • Warranty: 3 month Manufacturer Warranty
  • Shipping weight 85 lbs
  • Stand is available as an optional accessory
  • List price US $0.00
    Our price US $299.00
    Demo Akiles Modular Wire Closer
    Product #DWCM14
    Demo WBM-532 Akiles 14" Manual Modular Wire Closer. The Demo Akiles WBM-532 is a heavy-duty modular wire closer that allows you to easily close all standard binding wires (from 3/16" up to 1-1/4" in diameter, in either 3:1 & 2:1 pitch) and up to 14" in length and longer. Itís simple-to-use & all-metal construction design guarantees high productivity and durability.

  • Demo unit
  • Stand Alone Design: The WBM532 modular unit is designed to also work as a stand alone unit.
  • Open-ended Closing Channel: allows closing of wires in any length, including those wires longer than 14".
  • Wire Closer Control: provides fast & accurate setup of the wire closer. Gradual adjustment guarantees a perfect wire closing result, regardless of the type of wire being used.
  • Closing Mechanism: Vertical
  • Built-in Wire Holder: holds the wire in position, so that punched sheets can be easily & quickly inserted .
  • Works with both 3:1 & 2:1 pitch wires.
  • Weight 27 lbs
  • Built-in Diameter Size Selector: measures documents thickness, in order to determine the best wire size option.
  • User-friendly Design and Heavy-duty All Metal Construction: guarantee maximum productivity and durability.
  • List price US $495.00
    Our price US $229.95
    Hd4170 Heavy Duty Demo Coil Inserter
    Product #DHD41
    Rhin-O-Tuff HD4170 Demo Heavy Duty Coil Inserter This demo heavy duty plastic coil inserting unit offers all the power you need to insert coils from 6mm to 40mm coil and up. The dual powered adjustable rollers allow for easier more accurate coil insertion. The coil sizing gauge adjusts to 3 positions for various coil thicknesses. This module can mount on all HD series punching machines to create single punch and bind station or can be used as a stand-alone production coil inserter. Inserts all pitches and diameters of coil. It also has a curved jogging plate for makes coiling books easy.

  • Weight ~ 38 lbs
  • Includes Coil Pliers


    One left! While Supply Lasts.

  • List price US $1,495.00
    Our price US $995.00
    Demo OD4800 Binding Machine
    Product #DOD48
    The Demo OD-4800 is a 11" and A-4 size manual punch featuring two bolt release, easy change die system. 

    Easily disengage any pin. Changes from coil to wire loop, coil, etc. are routine, easy functions, and dies from the OD 4000 electric punch are compatible. 

    Rated at 10 to 12 sheets of 20 lb. (80 gsm) bond paper, or 20 to 24 pages front and back (depending on hole pattern) it is open ended for wider jobs. 

    This punch comes with your choice of one of eleven standard dies and the OD 4800 will also accept the combo binding modules. 

    With a one year warranty on both punch and die it becomes the "Swiss Army Knife of manual punching".

    Call for quote!

    Additional Dies

    Binding Supplies

    Please select from the Options below
    Standard Die 4800 Buy
    OD Velo Die  
    OD3R 3:1 Pitch Die .172R.Hole  
    OD 5MM round hole - .140R.Hole  
    OD 2:1 Pitch Die R .Hole  
    List price US $940.00
    Our price US $730.00
    Demo-P30 XGA Visual Presenter - ELMO
    Product #FS9338-Demo

    Moving and Still image capture with exceptional detail for diverse presentation applications



  • 850,000 pixel Progressive Scan CCD camera
  • Live image capture with smooth 20 fps
  • Free angle camera and lamp arms
  • 60Xzoom for intricate detail focus. 15Xoptical
  • Annotation tools for on-screen image enhancing
  • Split-Screen live video and stored image comparison
  • Save moving images in AVI or WMV video format to PC through USB connection
  • Twain lets you export images to graphics software programs for editing
  • SD Memory Card Slot with Image Mate software conveniences projection of presentations
  • Slides are easily presented with Slide Shooting Adapter
  • Quick file search withThumbnail and Slide display
  • DVI and RGB outputs easily connect to LCD projectors
  • Convenient up-front control panel with Jog Dial Zoom
  • Control panel OPT button assigns frequent functions
  • RGB In, Video Out, S-Video Out, RS-232C connections
  • Lightweight just over 10 lbs, (4.7kg), compact
  • 12V DC Power source
  • Working Condition - As Is - No Warranty


  • List price US $2,600.00
    Our price US $2,150.00
    Demo Peach Pouch Laminator
    Product #P330R-DemoFF

    Protect both large and small documents quickly and easily. Designed for its versatility and durability, the 13" Pouch Laminator has many of the features of the larger, more costly machines. You have the option to laminate with or without a carrier.

  • 4 Roller System
  • Pre-Heat time 5 minutes
  • Heat Plate - Ready Light - Reverse Button
  • Cold Lamination Setting
  • Laminates up to 10 mil thickness
  • No carrier required
    Demo machine - Working condition


  • List price US $210.00
    Our price US $122.00
    Rhin-O-Tuff PC2005 - Plastic Coil Finishing System
    Product #DPC5
    Manual demo punch & electric coil inserter. 11" punching edge. Up to 12 sheets/punch. 5-to-1 rd die included. Binds books up to 1-1/4"

  • 5:1 pitch punching pattern
  • PC2005

    Two left! While Supply Lasts.

    The PC 2005 Plastic Coil Finishing System features a patented Lexan Guide for easier insertions of all coil, particularly in books over 9/16" thick. The unit will handle coil lengths from 12" to 36", providing you more flexibility for large jobs and calendars. Crimpers are included.

    Need Supplies?
    Plastic Coils

  • List price US $1,095.00
    Our price US $745.00
    Demo EZ 14" Manual Wire Closer
    Product #DWC14
    The Demo HD 8000 offers a 14" legal size capacity and closes books from 3/16" to 1-1/4" thick. 

    The settings for wire sizes are fast and accurate, providing a significant savings on wire costs, wire that is spoiled during the setup, and adjustment of competitive closers. 

    Optional wire hanger attaches to the HD 8000 and holds the wire in position to hang punched sheets onto the double loop wire.

    Two left! While Supply Lasts.

    List price US $525.00
    Our price US $345.00
    Rhin-O-Tuff OD 3500 Combo Binding Station
    Product #DOD35

    The Demo OD-3500 combo binding station allows you to do various types of binding on one small footprint: plastic coil, double loop wire or plastic comb. 

    This is a platform that is used to support binding modules:
    OD4300 Modular Coil Inserter

    The OD3500 does not punch or bind.

    Two left! While Supply Lasts.

    Binding Supplies

    List price US $295.00
    Our price US $125.00
    PDI Demo Attachable Die Rack
    Product #DADR
    Never misplace another die! Have your most popular dies at your fingertips. Protect your dies from being damaged.

  • The demo attachable 4 die holder mounts to a HD6500 or HD7000 punch system
  • Weight ~ 14 pounds
  • List price US $125.00
    Our price US $25.00
    Punching Dies 11'' Die for OD4800 - 3:1 Round
    Product #DOD3R
    Demo Die for OD4000 or OD4800 Rhin-O-Tuff Punches.

  • OD3 pitch die - round hole
  • .333 hole spacing .172 hole dia.

    Two left! While Supply Lasts.

  • List price US $490.00
    Our price US $250.00
    Punching Dies 11'' Die for OD4800 - Velo
    Product #DODV
    Demo Die for OD4000 or OD4800 Rhin-O-Tuff Punches.

  • 1" hole spacing .125 hole dia.

    Five left! While Supply Lasts.

  • List price US $490.00
    Our price US $250.00
    Punching Dies 11'' Die for OD4800 - 5:1 Round
    Product #DOD5
    Demo Die for OD4000 or OD4800 Rhin-O-Tuff Punches.

  • 5mm hole spacing .140 hole dia.

    Three left! While Supply Lasts.

  • List price US $490.00
    Our price US $250.00
    Punching Dies 11'' Die for OD4800 - 2:1 Round
    Product #DOD2R
    Demo Die for OD4000 or OD4800 Rhin-O-Tuff Punches.

  • .500 hole spacing .250 hole dia.
  • OD2 pitch die - round hole

    Two left! While Supply Lasts.

  • List price US $490.00
    Our price US $250.00
    Refurbished Equipment
    Refurbished Fastback Model 15XS
    Product #D-SRFB15XS

    This refurbished Fastback® Model 15XS is a high production desk-top document binding machine. It binds from 3 to 350 sheets quickly, easily and economically. Documents can be edited in seconds. Other primary features include on demand perfect binding capabilities, teflon coated platens that simplify maintenance and cleaning, and a document cooling rack that can be mounted on the binder itself, or can stand alone. Automatically identifies binder strip and configures the optimum binding cycle. The Fastback® Model 15XS has been designed, engineered and manufactured to meet the demands of professional binderies, quick printers, in plant print shops and offices alike.

    Fastback® binding is strong, durable and attractive. Pages in a Fastback® document can withstand more than 50 pounds of pull. Our binder strip uses a super tough thermoplastic adhesive that will not become brittle with age. Fastback® documents stay bound for years.

  • 6 month warranty (parts & Labor)!

    Premium Tape Binding Strips

  • List price US $3,395.00
    Our price US $2,275.00