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Cutters, Trimmers & Cutting Mats

We offer a wide variety of multi-purpose cutters, trimmers, and cutting mats from a wide variety of quality manufacturers including: Fletcher-Terry, Akiles, MBM, Formax, and more! Fletcher-Terry cutters and trimmers can handle anything from foam boards to aluminum substrates. Akiles and MBM offer Guillotine Paper Cutters- swing-arm type cutters that cut paper, plastic, poster boards, mats, plastic, film, and mounting boards. Formax Cut-True Manual Paper Cutters combine accuracy with ease of use, designed to minimize labor and maximize workflow!

Available in many different sizes, our selection of cutters, trimmers, and cutting mats provides a solution for everyone and everything. Call for additional sizes and volume pricing.

Titan 40" Table Top Cutter

Titan 40" Table Top Cutter
Product #T40
Price: US $870.00
Price: US $807.00

Accurate. Versatile. Durable. Profitable. Proven. The Titan 40" Table Top Cutter cuts and trims a variety of materials ranging from the most delicate photo paper and silks to semi-rigid materials and substrates with a simple switch of the cutting head position. Our flexible, semi-rigid cutters replace the traditional method of straight edge and knife, maximizing your work flow and minimizing production time. Other sizes available: 80", 100", and 120" - call for pricing! Included with each Titan machine is: a Titan rail cutter/trimmer, knife blade holder, a box of 100 blades, and an owner's manual.

Substrate Cutting Capabilities:

●Digital Prints (Photo Papers and Vinyl)

●Canvas & Vinyl

●Laminated Art/Photos mounted on Foam Board

●Corrugated Plastics up to 12" (13 mm)

●PVC up to 12" (6 mm)

●Banner Materials

●Foam board up to 12" (13 mm)


Dual Head Position for Cutting and Trimming: For maximum flexibility when working with different substrates

Through-Cutting for Semi-Rigid Materials: Handles thick substrates with ease

Trimming Feature: For flexible vinyls, photo materials, papers, and canvas that require great precision

Engineered Green Strip: Gives you a visible cut line- no more guesswork

Cutting Length: 40"

Weight: 26 lbs.

Warranty:One Year Manufacturer's Warranty