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SuperStick® Mounting and Laminating Pouches

Gloss Mounting Pouches - SuperStick® heat activated laminating pouches. These polyester pouches contain D&K's revolutionary SuperStick® low-melt adhesive on the inside (encapsulating the print) and on the back of the pouch, which enables you to adhere the pouch to virtually any kind of rigid substrate or foam board. SuperStick® is a revolutionary super aggressive film that adheres, at low temperatures, to the most difficult surfaces. It offers brilliant color enhancement even to wet prints and is a lower cost and more efficient alternative when compared to pressure-sensitive adhesives. (230°F to 290°F) SuperStick® Laminating Pouches have superior adhesion characteristics and will stick to Xerox®, Canon, photo glossy and other hard-to-stick to digital output.

SuperStick® Mounting & Laminating Pouches 10/box

SuperStick® Mounting & Laminating Pouches 10/box
Product #D*S601914
Price: US $85.00
Price: US $74.00
SuperStick® laminating pouches with UVI protection, 24'' x 36'' Gloss, 10/Box

Offers superior adhesion qualities satisfying a broad range of film applications. This low-melt thermal film is the ultimate choice for new printing technologies, because it offers optimal adhesion to most hard-to-stick applications. When used with your favorite mounting substrate, the heat-activated adhesive back lets you laminate and mount in one easy step using a heated roll laminator. SuperStick® adheres to Xerox®, Canon and most other hard-to-stick-to digital prints. Other sizes available.

  • Gloss Laminating mounting pouches
  • 5 mil thickness
  • Size: 24" x 36"
  • Adhesive back
  • 10/box