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Shrink Wrap Machines

Filmsource has a variety of shrink wrap machines from top-of-the-line manufacturers like NexGen and Traco to satisfy the needs of almost all packaging requirements. The NexGen One-Step has a shrink chamber that is able to accommodate various-sized products from DVD's to books and printed documents, meaning switching between different jobs is a breeze. Smaller, lightweight, portable offerings from Traco allow for quick and easy sealing- simply plug in and you are ready to go! These machines are easily handled by a single user, saving time and labor.

Standard Super Sealer Shrink Wrap - 40"

Standard Super Sealer Shrink Wrap - 40"
Product #D*TSS-40SS
Price: US $496.00
Price: US $599.00

Traco's Standard Super Sealer is a sleek, portable, lightweight shrink wrap machine built to last. No assembly required- simply plug in and start packaging! Adjustable LED timer eliminates seal-time guesswork. Comes with an ultra-light HotShot professional heat gun, featuring variable temperature and plugging into the base of the sealer.


Size: 40"

HotShot Heat Gun: Included

Compact Design: Lightweight and portable

UL/ULC and CE Approved: Rigorous testing ensures high-quality results

Warranty: Two Year Factory Warranty on Machine- One Year Warranty on Heat Gun

Other Sizes Available: 13", 18", 24" and 32" machines