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Slot Punches and Round Corner Machines

Use the manual or electric Corner Rounder to give plastic and laminated documents the professional finishing touch. The Akiles hand-held corner rounder has a self-guiding feed to ensure accurate cuts. The corner rounder machines are available with several choices of corner cut curves.

The Electric table top corner rounder has a wide surface, edge guides and an easy-to-use press lever cutter. These machines work with all standard materials like PVC, paper, polypropylene and polyester Covers.

Slot Punches and Staplers
Table-Top Medium Slot Punch
Product #D*B3943-1510
The Table-Top Medium Duty Slot Punch features an adjustable depth guide and an adjustable bottom guide.
  • Punches material up to .060 thick
  • Shaft drive action (both directions)
  • All metal construction
  • Slot Size is: 1/8" x 9/16"
  • Hardened Die and punch for many trouble free years of service
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • List price US $295.00
    Our price US $189.00
    Table-Top Electric Slot Punch
    Product #D*B3943-1601
    Table-Top Medium Duty Electric Slot Punch with adjustable side guides
  • Punches material up to .040 thick
  • Foot swithch activation
  • Slot Size is: 1/8" x 9/16"
  • Hardened premium steel dies with a quick recycle time of approx. 2 seconds
  • One year warranty
  • List price US $1,500.00
    Our price US $1,549.00
    Table-Top Heavy Duty Slot Punch
    Product #D*B3943-1600
    Table-Top Heavy Duty Electric Slot Punch with adjustable side guides.
  • Punches material up to .070 thick
  • Hand and foot swithch activation
  • Slot Size is: 1/8" x 9/16"
  • Hardened premium steel dies with a quick recycle time of approx. 1 second
  • Unit has a Height of 8 1/2", Width of 12" and Depth of 13"
  • One year warranty
  • List price US $2,800.00
    Our price US $2,999.00
    Corner Rounding Machines
    Corner Cutter CR 50B
    Product #D*LCR-50B
    This corner rounder has a shear action cutting designed to handle paper and plastic products.

  • New Corner Cutter, Right Angle Push Block, which makes rounding the corners on smaller product simple and easy.
  • Includes 1/4" radius die blade
  • Has heavy duty wooden top-plate
  • Accepts Standard and Special size Corner Cutter cutting units

  • Lassco
  • 10 pounds
  • Ships UPS 11 lbs
  • 18 x 9 x 4 inches
  • CR-50B
  • Aqua Blue & Brown
  • Wood, Plastic & Metal
  • List price US $379.00
    Our price US $338.00
    Lassco Wizer CR-50 Manual Corner Cutter
    Product #D*LCR-50
    Lassco Wizer Cornerounder CR-50 Manual Corner Cutter Use the Lassco Wizer CR-50 Cornerounder to add stylish round corners to your projects and printed materials. Round corners are safe, look professional and make your projects look stylish. The Lassco CR-50 Corner Cutter is a floor standing corner rounder that is ideal for print shops, production environments and larger businesses.

    The CR50 accepts a huge range of cutting units from 1/16" up to 1-1/2" with a maximum cutting depth of 1/2 inch. This unit comes with one standard cutting die (choose from a 1/8" radius, 1/4" radius, 3/8" radius, and 1/2" radius).

    The Model CR-50 Corner Rounder floor model is for large operations. Featuring hands-free operation and hold-down clamping that secures the stock with each stroke. Conveniently located foot pedal for fast and economical corner cutting

  • Designed to cut paper and plastic
  • Table Dimensions: 15" x 15"
  • Weight: 50 lbs Shipping weight 85 lbs NY 14606
  • Shipping Dimensions: 18" x 18" x 43"
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Accepts Standard,Special & Large size Cutting Units

  • Shipping Weight: 85 lbs Dimensional ~ Call for a freight quote !

    Must Ship FedEx Dimensional Weight - Call for a freight quote!

  • List price US $940.00
    Our price US $999.00
    Diamond-1 Corner Rounder
    Product #AD1
    The Akiles round corner machine works with all standard materials, like : PVC, Polyester, Leather, Paper, Polypropylene, Etc. Ideal for rounding covers, pouches, pictures, all types of ID's, invitations, postcards, etc. Includes one 1/4" Blade with unit.
  • Interchangable die system for your various jobs.
  • One Year Mfg. Warranty - Weight approx. 6 lbs.
  • See die options listed below.
  • Please select from the Options below
    Additional DiesOur PriceQtyBuy
    1/8" Knife R US $20.00
    3/8" Knife R US $20.00
    Plastic Pads US $11.00
    List price US $219.00
    Our price US $135.00
    Diamond 1 Knives & Accessories
    Diamond-1 1/8''or 3/8'' Knife
    Product #AA1-XXX
    Akiles Diamond-1 knives. 1/8", 1/4" or 3/8".
    Please select from the Options below
    Size Buy
    1/8'' Knife - AD1018-1/8 R.  
    3/8'' Knife - AD1038-3/8 R.  
    List price US $45.00
    Our price US $32.00
    Diamond-1 Straight Cut Knife
    Product #D*AAD1-KST
    Akiles Diamond-1 Straight Cut knife.
    List price US $48.50
    Our price US $30.50
    Diamond-1 Half Moon Knife
    Product #D*AAD1-KHM
    Akiles Diamond-1 Half Moon Knife.
    List price US $48.50
    Our price US $39.00
    Diamond-1 Radius Master Selector
    Product #D*AAD1-RMS
    Akiles Diamond- 1 Radius Master Selector.Square shaped metal plate.

    This plate is to align the 2 blue guides on the Diamond-1, whenever the operator changes the blade.

    List price US $35.00
    Our price US $24.50
    Diamond-1 Plastic Pad (5cs/Bag)
    Product #AD1PP
    Akiles Diamond - 1 plastic pads (5 pieces per bag).
    List price US $15.00
    Our price US $12.50
    Diamond-1 Depth Guide for Half Moon
    Product #D*AADI-DG
    Akiles Diamond-1 Depth Guide for Half Moon.
    List price US $67.00
    Our price US $40.00
    Diamond-5 Corner Rounder
    Product #D*AAD5
    Akiles Electric Corner Rounder works with all standard materials, like: PVC Polyester, Leather, Paper, etc. Ideal for large jobs that require high productivity. This machine is crafted with only the highest quality components. Specially designed to cut through multiple sheets at a time. Interchangeable Corner rounder die systems. Ideal to corner-round covers, pouches, all types of IDs, invitations, and postcards.
  • Electric machine
  • L Guide included
  • Radius alignment guide included
  • 1/8" and 1/4" and work table included with machine
  • One Year Mfg. Warranty
  • Weight approx. 60 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 12" X 12.75" X 6.5"
  • Optional interchangeable 1/8", 1/4" or 3/8" knifes

  • Please select from the Options below
    Knife SizeOur PriceBuy
    3/8" Radius Knife US $249.00
    1/4" Radius Knife US $249.00
    1/8" Radius Knife US $249.00
    List price US $4,493.00
    Our price US $2,519.00
    Akiles Diamond 7 Round Corner Machine
    Product #D*AD7
    The Akiles Diamond 7 is a heavy-duty electric corner rounding machine that is capable to handle up to 700 sheets at one time. It features a detachable pressing bar which will secure the documents for the rounding process. The Diamond 7 is engineered for easy manual and automatic operations. With the capability to be used by an automatic foot pedal or manual hand switch, it will provide a smooth and efficient process.

    Safety is a main concern for all of us, and that is why Akiles designed a protective safety cover and labels. The cover ensures a secure and safe working environment while producing quality finishes. This top-of-the-line electric corner rounding machine is perfect for any large volume office with high productivity. Up your production and efficiency with the Akiles Diamond 7 today!

    Includes 1/4" knife, work table ( 11 3/4" x 11 3/4"), protective cover & pressing bar.

  • Detachable Pressing Bar: Holds paper in place during the rouding proces.
  • Protective Safety Cover
  • Large Work Table
  • Heavy Duty Foot Pedal
  • Tool & Scrap Box
  • Manual & Auto Mode: Switch between automatic foot pedal & manual mode
  • Maximum Capacity: 2-3/4" (70mm), 700 Sheets (20lb)
  • Included Die: 1/4"
  • Detachable Pressing Bar: Yes
  • Storage & Trash Bin: Included
  • Motor: 200 W
  • Dimension (W x L x H): 24-5/8 x 12-5/8 x 17-1/2
  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • Must ship truck. Call for freight quote!

  • Warranty: 1 Year

    Options: Available Dies: 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", Straight, and Half-Moon

  • Diamond 6 also available, call for pricing!
  • Please select from the Options below
    Dies - Diamond 7Our PriceQtyBuy
    3/8 Radius Knife US $535.00
    Half-Moon Knife US $415.00
    List price US $8,250.00
    Our price US $4,499.00