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Wide Format Mounting Laminators

The 44" Phoenix is a professional-grade mounting roll and pouch laminator, now available with a factory-installed roll film kit, allowing you to easily achieve a clean, professional look while saving time and money. With the Phoenix 44" Laminator, you can: mount inkjet prints to foam, gator and plastic boards; mount and laminate prints in one-pass with pouch boards; run single-sided and double-sided lamination; mount on both sides of a board; adhesive coat your own boards; make short-term outdoor signs; and mount artwork on acid-free boards.

Phoenix 44" Mounting Pouch Laminator

Phoenix 44" Mounting Pouch Laminator
Product #PH44MRPKGFF
Price: US $2,995.00
Price: US $2,595.00

The Phoenix 44" Laminator is a professional-grade mounting roll and pouch laminator capable of single-sided roll lamination. Robustly designed, the Phoenix features a metal frame construction with high-quality 4" diameter silicone rollers for clean, bubble-free, professional results. Two speed and temperature settings lend the Phoenix versatility in operation and the ability to work with all medias and laminates. A factory-installed roll film kit allows the Phoenix to run roll film wound on 3" cores. The Phoenix 44" uses low-temperature, heat-activated adhesives to easily mount and laminate prints to substrates.

Compatible with films from 1.3 mil to 10 mil thickness, the Phoenix 44" features an easy webbing idler bar to change film quickly, self-gripping core chucks to stabilize roll film, and a dispensing bar with tension control to precisely control the laminating process. You can also mount prints to foam, gator, and plastic boards, run single-sided and double-sided lamination, adhesive coat your own boards, and more- the possibilities are limitless. A truly all-in-one machine, the Phoenix 44" Laminator is the ideal solution to your varied production needs!


Maximum Width: 43"

Maximum Board Thickness: 12"

Two Temperature Settings: Perfect for temperature-sensitive inks and substrates

Two Speed Settings: Allows operator control speed of lamination

Transparent Safety Cover: Prevents operator contact with rollers while still allowing supervision

Single Roll Height Adjustment Knob: For precise micro-adjustments

Power Requirements: 110 V

Warranty: One Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Free starter kit includes 1 roll of 38" 5 mil roll film and 1 box of 10 boards (5 mounting and 5 gloss pouch boards).

Free freight dock to dock. Accessorial may apply for services beyond standard shipping, such as: inside delivery, residential delivery or lift gate requirements- please call for pricing on these circumstances!