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Permanent Paper/Labels

Permanent Paper is a polyester paper specifically designed for high heat laser printers and photocopiers. Permanent paper produces excellent image quality that can withstand and last in the harshest environments. It is waterproof, tear-resistant, & heat resistant, but runs through your printer just like paper. When strength and toughness are needed, permanent paper is your solution.

Adobe Illustrator is required to make changes to pre-perforated products with templates.

Laser Self Adhesive Synthetic Sheets and labels available in 8.5 x 11, 11 x17 and 12 x 18.

Make your Digital or Laser Signage the same day! Properly mark storage containers, and directions for safety in your shop or office. Adhesives meet every demand to get your message across clearly on store windows, food freezers to oil drums.

5 new vivid permanent paper colors: Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Red


Permanent Paper 14 Mil 12" x 18" 50/Box

Permanent Paper 14 Mil 12" x 18" 50/Box
Product #PP14WGSC
Price: US $0.00
Price: US $125.00

12" X 18" White Permanent Paper

White laser permanent paper (polyester) has an attractive matte white finish that is suitable for use in all electro photographic dry toner applications, i.e. Digital Press, Color Copier & Laser Printers, Monochrome Copiers and Laser Printers.

Weatherproof, Waterproof, Near~Indestructible Paper

  • Durable Pocket Guides
  • Event Signs!
  • Paramedic Charts
  • 14 mil is for use in iGEN & NexPress only.
  • 50 per box

Not for use in Ink Jet Printers!