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Accessories And Tables For Roll Laminating Machine

Choose from one of one of our durable, convenient workstations to complete your finishing center.

Our workstations are heavy-duty and spacious, providing enough surface area to easily support your laminator and store necessary supplies within arm's reach. Portability is no longer an issue for heavy machines, as heavy-duty locking casters allow for your machine to be wheeled to wherever you need it.

We also offer a roll laminator film stand that holds 16 rolls of 3" core film to help organize your work area. Say "goodbye" to messy work space and say "hello" to organization!

Mobile Rack - 16 Rolls (3" Cores)

Mobile Rack - 16 Rolls (3" Cores)
Price: US $0.00
Price: US $399.00

This convenient Mobile Film Rack holds 16 rolls of 3" core media. Keep film off the ground and within arm's reach with this high-capacity unit. Four rows of four pegs each- 2" square and 11" high with 6" space between pegs. Heavy-duty 3" nylon casters with brakes allow for easy portability and secure placement.


High Capacity:16 rolls of 3" cores

Color: Silver

Shipping Weight: 50 lbs.

Dimensions: 26" x 26" x 14"

Heavy-Duty Casters: Four 2" Locking Castors

Also available in 212" cores - 12 rolls