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Laminating Pouches - Large Sizes

Our laminating pouches assure high-quality, clear lamination and are made of the best polyester/adhesive composition. Pre-cut in a variety of sizes, our pouches are open on three sides and sealed on one with four round corners.

Pouches are an easy way to laminate menus, covers, maps, certificates, drawings, newspaper articles, charts, diplomas, ID cards, licenses, and more. Choosing a laminating pouch is easy- measure your printed insert's width and length, adding 12" to both. The additional 14" border of plastic all the way around ensures a proper seal.

Menu Size 12'' x 18'' 10 mil 50/box

Menu Size 12'' x 18'' 10 mil 50/box
Product #LMEN10
Price: US $406.35
Price: US $27.18

Enhanced colors and durability are just a few of the advantages of encasing your print in a laminating pouch. Ensure the longevity of your printed materials by choosing from our wide variety of high-quality pouches!


Size: 12" x 18"

Thickness: 10 mil

Finish: Clear with round corners, sealed on shorter side

●50 pieces per box

●Priced per box

Includes 2 carriers