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Business Card Cutter

We offer top-quality machines from Akiles, Martin Yale, Formax, and other leading manufacturers at the lowest discount prices. A quality business card cutter can dramatically decrease production time, making easy, accurate work out of cutting 812" x 11" card stock into standard-size business cards. From tabletop models to high-production floor models, Filmsource has the perfect business card cutter for your needs.

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MBM BC-12 Auto Card Cutter

MBM BC-12 Auto Card Cutter
Product #D*MBC-12
Price: US $5,999.00
Price: US $5,399.00

The MBM BC-12 is an automatic multi-card cutter that is used for accurate cutting of letter-size paper in individual cards of different sizes. Applications for this machine include: business cards, post cards, checks, digital photos, and more. The MBM BC-12 performs very efficiently, cutting cards in one pass with a speed of 60 cards per minute.

Loaded with user-friendly features, the MBM BC-12 is very easy to set up and operate. 12 different card cutting sizes and 10 pre-set cutting modes make operation quick and simple. An easy-to-use digital control panel displays critical functions to the operator and comes standard with an LED 4-digit counter with addition and subtraction functions. The MBM BC-12 is also equipped with many safety features. It stops automatically if the cover is open or if the trash box is not at its proper place. Once the trash box and covers are installed properly, the machine resumes normal operation. The machine needs no lubrication, adding to its easy maintenance, and operates quietly, making it an ideal choice for the corporate environment.


Type: Electric

Cutting Style: Bleed

Sheet Size: 812" x 11" to 812" x 14"

Sheet Capacity: 50 sheets

Speed: 13 sheets per minute, 60 cards per minute

Single Pass Operation: Cuts cards quickly and efficiently

Preset Modes: 10 cutting modes and 12 different card cutting sizes

Digital Control Panel: With LED display and various functions

Safety Features: Halts operation when cover is open or trash box is not in place

Shipping Weight: 61 lbs. - Ships UPS

Dimensions: 17" D x 2914" W x 1114" H

Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty On Parts