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Hole Punches & Padding  & Grommet Machines

Choose from our selection of padding presses, hole punches, and grommet machines to find the perfect solution for your business needs. We offer padding presses and punches from Martin Yale, and grommet machines from Akiles.

Find out how you can decrease production time and increase profits with the use of one of our high-quality units!

Martin Yale MP80 Mega-Duty 3 Hole Punch

Martin Yale MP80 Mega-Duty 3 Hole Punch
Product #D*MMP80
Price: US $169.32
Price: US $115.00

The Martin Yale MP80 Hole Punch is a heavy-duty three-hole punch that powers through up to 80 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper with the pull of a handle. Punched holes are 932" in diameter and fit in a standard three-ring binder. This unit's spring-assisted handle locks down for storage and safety, and flip-guards on each punch head ensure safe operation as well as assisting in alignment. Non-skid rubber feet provide stability during operation.


Spring-Assist Mechanism: For easier punching of stacks

Pre-Set Hole Size: Punches 932" diameter holes to fit a standard three-ring binder

Locking Handle: For storage and safety

Flip-Up Guards: Equipped on each punch head, ensuring safe use and assisting in alignment

Adjustable Paper Guide: Makes alignment and feeding a breeze

Non-Skid Rubber Feet: Provide stability during alignment

Weight: 7 lbs. 4 oz.

Shipping Weight: 9 lbs.

Dimensions: 1014" x 1012" x 9"