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Specialty Laminating Pouches

Permanently protect business cards, ID tags, and documents against dust and dirt with one of our specialty pouches. We offer thermal heat-activated or cold self-adhesive pouches with no lamination required. The thickness labeled on the film is for just one side of the pouch. This means a 10 mil pouch consists of two 10 mil sheets (front and back) for a combined thickness of 20 mil. To get an idea for how thick 20 mil is, a credit card is 30 mil thick.

Magnet Pouch is the first product of its kind enabling you to easily make professionally-laminated magnets- perfect for business cards, photos, teaching tools, or any printed material. Magnet Pouches are produced through your pouch laminator. Just insert your material, run through a pouch laminator, and trim to size if necessary...it's as easy as that! Magnet Pouches are available with a matte or gloss finish in 7 different sizes, from business card up to 12" x 18" car magnets.

Documents that are exposed to moisture should be printed on Permanent Paper (synthetic) to avoid wicking if you are trimming the magnet pouches flush with the edges of your printed document. We offer a variety of sizes and weights of Permanent Paper.

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Magnetic Back Pouch - 3 Mil gloss laminate 8.5" x 11" 10 Pack

Magnetic Back Pouch - 3 Mil gloss laminate 8.5" x 11" 10 Pack
Product #MPASCG
Price: US $83.20
Price: US $37.50

Our new Magnet Pouch is a unique way for you to make your very own custom laminated signs and picture magnets. Gloss laminate over a quality magnet will create a custom sign or picture that will stick to any metal surface. Simply place your printed paper or photograph between the layers of the Magnet Back Pouch, insert the Magnet Back Pouch into the provided carrier, and run through a heated pouch laminator. Be sure to run the Magnet Back Pouches sealed edge as the leading edge into the machine!


Size: 812" x 11"

Finish: Gloss

Film Thickness: 3 mil low melt

Magnet Thickness: 12 mil

Quantity: 10 per package

Priced per package