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T-Shirt Transfer Paper & Equipment

Filmsource offers a wide variety of Photo Copier Paper Supplies and Equipment from industry-leading manufacturers. Techni-Print and JetPro are two types of heat transfer paper available to create your own custom T-shirts you design yourself! Simply create the design you want, print onto paper, and transfer the design to a plain T-shirt for stunning results! Techni-Print is designed for both fuser oil and oil-less lasser printers and copiers, and JetPro SoftStretch is ideal for cotton, poly and cotton/poly blended materials.

In regards to heat presses, the Hix HT 400D sets the standard in the manual heat press industry because of its superior durability and years of trouble-free performance. Also, our Exuma Clamshell Heat Press offers many features of more expensive presses at a much lower cost. This affordable, durable press has a digital time and temperature readout as well as a tubular heating element, assuring that your presses will be even and precise every time!

JetPro SoftStretch InkJet Heat Transfer Paper - 8.5" x 11" 50/box

JetPro SoftStretch InkJet Heat Transfer Paper - 8.5" x 11" 50/box
Product #D*C11-JPSS50
Price: US $65.00
Price: US $39.80

JetPro SofStretch InkJet Heat Transfer Paper offers the brightness and lightness always desired, but rarely found, with heat transfer paper! Easily combine the look and feel of direct-to-garment printing with the ease of desktop printing and still retain your vibrant colors! Neenah created JetPro SofStretch to offer an incredibly soft, breathable transfer made specifically for light garments.


Size: 812" x 11"

Material Compatibility: Ideal for cotton, poly, and cotton/poly blended materials

Vivid Colors: Thin polymer coating holds ink for maximum color saturation while reducing the look of the polymer background surrounding the image

Incredible Softness: The softness of the transfer increases with washing

Superior Durability: Stretching after peeling increases the durability of your transfers and softens the initial hand of the transfer

Green-E Certified: Perfect for infant and childrens' clothing

Pressing Instructions:

●Print in reverse

●Temperature: 350°F to 375°F

●Time: 20-30 seconds

●Pressure: Heavy

●Hot peel for best results

Washing Instructions:

●Leave finished item for at least 24 hours before washing

●Fabrics may then be machine-washed separately (inside out, DO NOT USE BLEACH or bleach additive detergent) in cold water

●Do NOT use fabric softener

●Dry at normal setting; do not dry clean