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Mounting and Cleaning BoardsMounting Boards are designed for use in the Phoenix™, ProSeal®, D & K Expression® Dry Mount Press, and other heated wide format mounting pouch/roll laminators. They are made from 316" foam board with a heat-activated adhesive. This museum-quality mounting board is designed for use by those artists seeking the flexibility of a paper mount board with the superior durability and quality of a rigid substrate.

Foam Board Corner Protectors 100/box

Foam Board Corner Protectors 100/box
Product #316CP
Price: US $49.95
Price: US $18.80

Try our new 316" white plastic Foam Board Corner Protectors- perfect for foam board signs and maps. Make sure your work gets to the customer undamaged! These corner protectors will not mark boards yet stays firmly in place.


Thickness: 316"

Material: Plastic

Color: White

Quantity: 100 per box

Priced per box