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Interchangeable Punching Die MachinesFilmsource offers the Akiles heavy-duty, versatile modular binding punches that are designed as an affordable option for offices that need to use multiple types of binding. The FlexiPunch allows you to create up to four different punch patterns using easy to change modular punching dies.

FlexiPunch Interchangeable .248 Coil Die Sets

FlexiPunch Interchangeable .248 Coil Die Sets
Product #FlexiPunch-IC-die-sets
Price: US $249.00
Price: US $188.00

FlexiPunch Interchangeable Die Sets with Quick Die Change Design: Easy change from one punch pattern to another within seconds, no tools needed! Fully disengaging punch pins and open-end design on all dies allows punching of all paper sizes- no more partially punched holes.

  • FP248 ~ .248 Round Coil Die Set (.2475)

    Other Die Sets Available:

  • FP3 S ~ 3:1 Square Wire Die
  • FP2 S ~ 2:1 Square Wire Die
  • FPP ~ Plastic Comb Die

    Flexi-Punch-E - Electric Punch
    Flexi-Punch-M - Manual Punch

    Choice of 4 Different Punch Dies:

    • Comb - Rectangular Hole Shape
    • Wire 2:1 & 3:1 - Square Hole Shape
    • Coil 4:1 - .02475 Round Hole

    One Year Manufacturer's Warranty