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Dry Mount Equipment

The Expression®, formerly the Bienfang Dry Mount Press, is a tabletop, heat-activated dry mounting system. It utilizes uniform heat and pressure to mount, laminate, and add texture to prints on substrates. The Vacuum Press is the preferred choice among professionals for dry mounting and laminating photos, artwork, posters, and more. Microprocessor technology and touch-pad controls ensure efficient, easy, and reliable operation.

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Expression 210M Mechanical Press

Expression 210M Mechanical Press
Product #D*D210M
Price: US $2,595.00
Price: US $2,295.00

The Expression® 210M MechanicalPress is a tabletop, heat-activated, dry mounting system, utilizing uniform heat and pressure to mount, laminate, and texturize prints on substrates up to 1" thick and up to 72" long (in sections). The 210M features a direct temperature readout for precise control during the dry mounting process, and a free-floating platen provides consistent, uniform pressure without shifting.


Maximum Length: Up to 72" (in sections)

Maximum Mounting Thickness: Up to 1"

Heat-Activated Dry Mounting System: Utilizes heat and pressure to mount, laminate, and texturize prints

Non-Stick, Free-Floating Platen: Provides consistent, uniform pressure without shifting

Direct Temperature Readout: For precise control over the dry mounting process

Easy Cleaning: Surface is remarkably easy to clean, wiping dry

Weight: 85 lbs.

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