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Shrink Wrap Machines

Filmsource has a variety of shrink wrap machines from top-of-the-line manufacturers like Excel to satisfy the needs of almost all packaging requirements. The Excel PP-48ST and Excel PP-76ST All-in-One Sealer/Shrink Chamber Machines feature shrink chambers that are able to accommodate various-sized products from DVD's to books and printed documents, meaning switching between different jobs is a breeze. Smaller, lightweight, portable offerings like the 18" I-Bar Shrink Wrap System allow for quick and easy sealing- simply plug in and you are ready to go! These machines are easily handled by a single user, saving time and labor.

Excel PP-76ST All-in-One Sealer/Shrink Chamber Machine

Excel PP-76ST All-in-One Sealer/Shrink Chamber Machine
Product #PP76ST
Price: US $0.00
Price: US $3,495.00

The Excel PP-76ST All-in-One Sealer/Shrink Chamber Machine is a complete, “all-in-one” semi-automatic shrink wrapping unit designed to seal and shrink PVC or Polyolefin shrink films. Featuring an effective seal area of 12” W x 1812” L x 6” H and new “Band Seal Technology,” allowing 4-6 packages to be completed per minute, the PP-76ST will boost efficiency and productivity. Standard features include a heavy-duty plexiglass hood for fully enclosed sealing and shrinking, dual magnetic hold down, pinwheel hole punch, adjustable grate, and locking casters.

Operation is simple- place the product on the package loading tray between two layers of film, move the package into the sealing area, and lower the hood. Once the hood is closed, magnets apply the pressure to produce a perfect seal. Once shrink time is completed, the magnets release and the hood returns to its open position. Now simply remove the package from the machine- that’s all there is to it!


Heavy-Duty Plexiglass Hood: Fully enclosed sealing and shrinking operation for safety

Dual Magnetic Hold Down: Set dwell time during seal and shrink cycle

Dual Mode Switch: Seal Only or Shrink and Seal

Pinwheel Hole Punch: Easily perforate shrink wrapping film

Heavy-Duty Locking Casters: For easy mobility

Adjustable Grate: Lowers 312” to accept taller products


Complete Cycle Time: 5-10 seconds

Seal Dimensions: 16" W x 22" L

Machine Dimensions: 56" L x 30” W x 45” H

Max Film Width: 24”

Max Package Height: 8”

Product Rate: 6-8 ppm

Power: 220 V

Warranty: 90 days labor, 2 years parts