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Executive Poly Report CoversPoly covers provide excellent protection for your documents and books. Made from a premium grade polyethylene plastic, these covers are not only tear proof, they are treated for silk screen printing and foil stamping, allowing you to customize your covers with text and graphics that reflect your identity. If you are looking for a different thickness we also offer a wide variety of colors and mil thicknesses. There is even an eco-friendly Frost version available, that contains 50% post-consumer waste, making how your cover is made as important as the work it covers. These Poly Covers are incredibly versatile, and can be punched by most Comb Binding, Coil Binding, Wire Binding, VeloBind or SecureBind binding machines.

Dura Poly Royal Navy 16 Pt. 50 pieces

Dura Poly Royal Navy 16 Pt. 50 pieces
Product #600BNAVASC
Price: US $49.80
Price: US $11.25

Dura Poly covers are made from Linear Polypropylene that is waterproof and tear-resistant. They are ideal for documents and presentations that are going to be handled frequently, and used in harsh environments. Poly covers are 16 point thicknesses available in black 8.5 X 11 square corners. The navy can be silkscreened and foil stamped for a unique custom look. When toughness and durability are needed take a look at Poly Covers.

  • Item # 600BNAVASC
  • Size 8.5 X 11 SQ
  • 16 points
  • 50 pieces per pack
  • 3 lbs. per pack of 50
  • Royal Navy
  • Unpunched