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Shredders - CD & Paper & Hard Drive Punch

Today, more than ever, it is extremely important to keep your information from falling into the wrong hands. Paper shredders are an economical way to keep your data from prying eyes. Luckily, Filmsource has a wide variety of shredders to meet your security needs. Whether for the office or personal use, protect your identity with our powerful shredders from top-of-the-line manufacturers.

Destroyit 0101 HDP Hard Drive Punch

Destroyit 0101 HDP Hard Drive Punch
Product #D*MHDP0101
Price: US $6,589.00
Price: US $5,499.00

The MBM Destroyit 0101 HDP Hard Drive Punch renders hard drives unreadable in a 15-second punch cycle. Quickly and safely protect stored information from being accessed and stay a step ahead of criminals who could attempt to obtain private personal, client, or classified information.

The MBM Destroyit 0101 HDP can destroy hard drives from personal computers, laptops, notebooks, copiers, printers, and even cell phones or PDAs. Using the slide lever, the feed chute can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of common hard drive sizes. The 0101 HDP punches a hole completely through the hard drive using a hardened, nickel-plated steel punching die. Another slider unloads the punching compartment, and the destroyed hard drives drop into a plastic bin below to await disposal. The punching die will auto-reverse in the event of a jam, and the power automatically cuts off when the cabinet door is opened or the collection bin is full. The powerful 1 Hp motor is rated for continuous duty and is housed in a wooden cabinet mounted on casters, ideally suited for: corporate environments, government or military offices, banks, medical offices, and more!


Nickel-Plated Steel Punching Die: Easily punches through hard drives

Speed: Destroys a hard drive in 15 seconds, punching a hole completely through

Adjustable Feed Chute: Accommodates up to 212" and 312" hard drives

Plastic Disposal Bin: For easy access to destroyed hard drives

Automatic Reverse on Punching Die: For jam protection

Must ship truck- call for a freight quote!