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Cutters, Trimmers & Cutting Mats

We offer a wide variety of multi-purpose cutters, trimmers, and cutting mats from a wide variety of quality manufacturers including: Fletcher-Terry, Akiles, MBM, Formax, and more! Fletcher-Terry cutters and trimmers can handle anything from foam boards to aluminum substrates. Akiles and MBM offer Guillotine Paper Cutters- swing-arm type cutters that cut paper, plastic, poster boards, mats, plastic, film, and mounting boards. Formax Cut-True Manual Paper Cutters combine accuracy with ease of use, designed to minimize labor and maximize workflow!

Available in many different sizes, our selection of cutters, trimmers, and cutting mats provides a solution for everyone and everything. Call for additional sizes and volume pricing.

Dahle 32" Large Format Guillotine Cutter

Dahle 32" Large Format Guillotine Cutter
Product #D*D580
Price: US $3,000.00
Price: US $1,998.00

The Dahle 32" Large Format Guillotine Cutter is designed for large format applications, easily cutting through mat board, foam board, and up to 30 sheets of paper with its self-sharpening steel blade. A permanent metal stand anchors this unit, and an adjustable hand crank and lockable T-square ensure precise cuts with every operation. A special spring mechanism holds the blade in place, preventing accidental injury and unauthorized use. If you need a heavy-duty cutter for your business, look no further!


Cutting Length: 32"

Cutting Capacity: 30 sheets of 20 lb. paper

Manual Foot Clamp: Holds material securely

Sturdy Metal Base: Will not warp or crack

Inch and Metric Measurements: With metric sizing grid for precise cuts

Self-Sharpening Blade: Made of Solingen Steel- lockable to prevent unauthorized use

Acrylic Safety Shield: Separates hand from blade

Adjustable Backstop: Ensures precise results every time

Fold-Up Cut Off Shelf: Provides additional work space

Optional Laser Guide: For an additional level of precision and accuracy

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