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Cutters, Trimmers & Cutting Mats

Fletcher-Terry offers a variety of multi-purpose cutters. They cut everything from foam boards to aluminum substrates. Akiles and MBM Kutrimmer Guillotine paper cutters are swing arm type cutters. These trimmers cut paper, plastic, poster boards, mats, plastic, film and mounting boards. Dahle, or Akiles Rotary trimmers are the ideal desktop cutters. Akiles Roll@Blade high precision rotary trimmers are designed with a tungsten steel blades.

The Formax Cut-True Manual Paper Cutters combines accuracy with ease-of-use!

These cutters meets the needs of everyone because we offer a variety of cutters and trimmers for wide format, sign-making and display graphics. Rotary and Guillotine style cutters and trimmers are available in a variety of sizes. Call for additional sizes and volume pricing.