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Coil Inserters and CrimpersSpiral plastic coil binding inserters create professional presentations and booklets. Plastic coil binding is quickly becoming the most popular type of book binding method. Great for schools, government agencies, small and large businesses alike.

Coil is available in a wide range of sizes and colors. Coil bound books rotate 360 degrees, and will lay flat. Coil is great for bound media that is mailed because of its resiliency. Choose a manual or electric Akiles or Rhin-O-Tuff inserter to finish your document with a sleek, professional look that will be securely bound in minutes.

Coil Crimpers/Pliers

Coil Crimpers/Pliers
Product #CPLS
Price: US $40.00
Price: US $19.00

Coil Crimpers/Pliers for manual punch and electric coil inserters.A convenient hand tool for plastic coil cutting & crimping. These easy-to-use coil pliers get the job done quickly.

How to use a Manual Coil Crimper or Crimping Plier:

  • Hold the crimping pliers with the red dot face up.
  • Align the pliers so the teeth are right below the center of the coil.
  • Simply squeeze the coil crimping pliers to cut the coil.
  • Keep the coil crimper closed