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Report covers, binding machines, laminating machines, double loop wire and 3 ring binders are just a few of the items available while supplies last. Business card cutters & thermal Bind Machines that heat seal small size thermal bind covers.

Huge Savings!! On Inventory Liquidations
Explorer  24" Manual Comb Binding Punch and Closer Combo
Product #EX24PKG
Manual comb binding machines are ideal for your small projects. With a desktop size, it's a great space saver for small offices or classrooms.
The Explorer 1 Comb Binding Machine makes it easy to adjust the depth of the margins, so you won't have to worry about accidentally punching holes through your text or graphics. With 24 hole punching capacity, you can even bind legal sized documents. And the 24 adjustable die pins allow you to choose how and where you want the punch holes to be.

  • Maximum Punching (Paper 20 lb. bond )15-17 sheets per lift.
  • Maximum Binding: 450 sheets for combs up to 2".
  • Maximum Document Size: 14".
  • Number of Punches: 24, all selectable.
  • Weight : 24 lbs.
  • Warranty: 90 days parts and labor.

    *** 100 FREE 1/4 INCH 19R BLACK COMBS WITH THE PURCHASE OF THE EXPLORER*** 4 left - while Supply Lasts!

    Binding Supplies

  • List price US $299.00
    Our price US $199.00
    9/16''Spiral-O wire combs 11" B. E. 102pk
    Product #SOW916WHT
    19-Loop wire is compatible with equipment for plastic comb binding, using a rectangular, 19-hole punch pattern. A permanent Spiral-O-Wire binding choice that creates true lay-flat documents, opened or closed. Available in diameters ranging from 1/4" through 1".

  • Capacity - 100 sheets
  • Stock color - White
  • 102 per box
  • Please select from the Options below
    List price US $117.30
    Our price US $40.00
    7/8''Spiral-O wire combs 11" B. E. 42pk
    Product #SOW078XXX
    19 Loop wire binding uses two wires per hole. This provides a stronger alternative to the single plastic spiral binding. 19 loop wire binding allows the document to lay flat and the pages to wrap all the way around.

    Capacity - 170 sheets - 42 per box

    Please select from the Options below
    List price US $67.30
    Our price US $22.00
    1''Spiral-O wire white combs 11" B. E. 30pk
    Product #SOW001WHT
    19 LoopWire Hole Punch Same as Plastic!

    11" Long - 19 loops (holes) double ring for Renz, Spiral, GBC and other wire binding machines with plastic comb spacing. Standard 19 ring for 11" x 8 1/2" sheets Plastic coated wire, won't scratch or rust Creates secure, tamper-proof documents Pages lie flat and turn easily Allows full 360 degree movement Choose from a variety of diameter sizes Available in black & white. Other colors call for pricing and minimums.

  • Capacity - 200 sheets
  • 30 per box
  • Please select from the Options below
    List price US $53.30
    Our price US $20.00
    Gold Double Loop Wire 3:1 pitch
    3/8" Double Loop Gold Wire 32 Holes
    Product #DL038GLD
    3/8" Double loop Gold wire bindings in a 3:1 pitch for an 11" binding edge are pefect for a proposal, executive summary, presentation, etc. The overall look is neat and professional in appearance.

    800 pieces left while supply lasts!

  • Color: Gold
  • 3:1 pitch
  • 100 per box
  • Priced per box
  • Capacity 80-90 sheets 20 lb bond paper
  • List price US $66.20
    Our price US $7.46
    7/16" Double Loop Gold Wire 32 Holes
    Product #DL716GLD
    This traditional method of binding secures pages so that they cannot be modified without de-binding the book. Books bound with wire lay flat and the sheets are able to turn 360degrees, making it the perfect solution for calendars and notebooks.

  • 4200 pieces left - While supplies last!

  • Color : Gold
  • 3:1 pitch (3 holes per inch)
  • 11 inch B.E.
  • 100 per box
  • Price per box
  • Pages easily turn 360 degrees and lay flat for easy reading and writing.
  • List price US $75.80
    Our price US $11.99
    1/2" Double Loop Gold Wire 32 Holes
    Product #DL012GLD
    1/2'' Twin or Double Loop Wire 32 Hole elements are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors for an 11" binding edge. The wire loop that is used allows the document to lie flat for easy reading. The overall look is neat and professional.

  • 2900 pieces left while supply lasts!

  • Color: Gold
  • 3:1 pitch
  • 11 inch B.E.
  • 100 per box
  • Priced per box
  • Capacity 100/105 sheets of 20 lb bond paper
  • Call for other color choices and lengths
  • List price US $83.00
    Our price US $11.85
    9/16" Double Loop Gold Wire 32 holes
    Product #DL916GLD
    Double loop 9/16" 3:1 pitch wire has more loops per inch than 19 loop wire to create a fuller looking bound document on a 11" binding edge.

  • 3300 pieces left while supply lasts!

  • Color: Gold
  • 3:1 pitch
  • 100 per box
  • Priced per box
  • Capacity 110/120 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper
  • Call for other color choices and lengths
  • List price US $102.80
    Our price US $14.67
    25" Cart
    Product #P25C
    This rolling wire cart is designed use with roll or mounting laminators such as the 25" Pro Seal Mounting laminator. Steel construction with shelves to hold supplies and castors to move the laminator out of the way when not in use. Chrome finish and locking casters. Shipping cost are an estimate on the checkout page, actual costs will be reflected on your order when we create your invoice.

  • This item must ship truck
  • Call for a freight quote!Approx. $187.00 freight
  • Shipping Weight - 100 lbs. with skid
  • List price US $495.00
    Our price US $349.00
    P30 XGA  Visual Presenter - ELMO
    Product #WP30HD
      P30 XGA Visual Presenter

    Moving and Still image capture with exceptional detail for diverse presentation applications.Twain lets you export images to graphics software programs for editing. Save moving images in AVI or WMV video format to PC through USB connection.


  • 2 Stocked in our CA warehouse
  • 850,000 pixel Progressive Scan CCD camera
  • Live image capture with smooth 20 fps
  • Free angle camera and lamp arms
  • 60Xzoom for intricate detail focus. 15Xoptical
  • Annotation tools for on-screen image enhancing
  • Split-Screen live video and stored image comparison

    SD Memory Card Slot with Image Mate software conveniences projection of presentations. Slides are easily presented with Slide Shooting Adapter. Quick file search withThumbnail and Slide display.

  • DVI and RGB outputs easily connect to LCD projectors
  • Convenient up-front control panel with Jog Dial Zoom
  • Control panel OPT button assigns frequent functions

    List price: $2990.00
    Your price: $2299.00
    You save: $691.00

  • List price US $2,990.00
    Our price US $2,299.00
    Clearview Navy 3 Ring Binder 16 per case
    Product #NVYCLR3RING-1-1/2

    We are offering a limited supply of 1 1/2" Clearview Navy Blue Binders. Instant customization is possible with our Navy Blue Clearview Binders. These 1 1/2" diameter binders have a clear overlay on the front, spine and back. 2 clear 5" pockets on the inside. Round Ring mounted on the spine. Simply slide in sheets identifying binder contents!

  • $4.99 each
  • Packaged 16 binders per case
  • Priced per case
  • Limited supply ~ 44 left in stock

    White and other colors available - call for a quote!

  • List price US $211.20
    Our price US $95.00
    Hummingbird HB100 Coil Inserter
    Product #HB100

    The Hummingbird HB100 Coil Inserter proves that good things come in small packages. Its small shell design makes it one of the most versatile coil inserters in the industry. Its lightweight and portable design provides flexibility - allowing the operator to move the inserter to its ideal location on a per job basis. Quickly binds documents from 6mm-14mm. (Item# HB100)

    Includes 1 box of 7mm black coil (12" 4:1)

    1 LEFT IN STOCK! FREE SHIPPING in the continental U.S.

    Click here to view the Hummingbird demonstration video.

    Click here to view the Hummingbird operating manual.

    List price US $219.99
    Our price US $139.00
    TitanCoil Ultra - Manual Punch and Electric Binding Machine
    Product #FSTCLU

    The TitanCoil Ultra Manual Punch is a heavy duty, reliable, user friendly coil binding machine. TitanCoil Ultra is a professional coil binding machine with full disengagement punch pins. No other product can match this premium coil binding solution with the features your business wants at a competitive price. TitanCoil is the great choice for your commercial needs.

    Price includes Free Shipping, Free Crimper Pliers and One Free Box of 8mm black 12" coils !

  • 4:1 pitch
  • 46 disengaging pins
  • Manual Punch - Electric Bind
  • Built in coil size selector
  • Punch up to 25 sheets
  • Binds up to 78" thick documents
  • Large waste drawer
  • Open ended throat
  • Side margin control
  • Comes with free coil pliers

    Four machines left! On sale while suppy lasts. Become a member - and get free freight!

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    Plastic Coils

  • List price US $899.00
    Our price US $439.00
    TitanWire 3:1 Pitch Punch & Bind Machine
    Product #FSTWFFPKG

    POD / Quick Printer / Copy shop / Larger corporation office

    Heavy Duty Manual Punch: up to 28 sheets of paper (20 lbs)
    Full Disengagement Pins:
    for completely clean punching with any paper
    Wire Binding: Strongest steel block for any size of wire up to 1/2"
    Side Margin Control:
    Combine with fully pull pins to make perfectly centered punch for any size of sheet

    Wire Size Selector:
    Built-in selector finds appropriate wire size
    Punch margin control:
    Provide strongest binding for any thickness of book.

    Open Throat and easy Punch support
    Easily punch any length of book
    Large Waster Drawer

    One machine left! On sale while suppy lasts.

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    Wire Combs - 32 Hole Twin Loop

  • List price US $899.00
    Our price US $499.00