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3-Ring Binders & Sheet Protectors

When documentation creates a challenge- how to present it, package it, and store it- a 3-ring binder may be your answer. A business has numerous documentation requirements: internal reports, training manuals, technical information, sales presentations, and more. Occasionally time, quantity, and flexibility make a generic, quick-ship product a perfect solution. Customize each binder by inserting a slip sheet detailing your project information.

Our top-loading, archival-quality, 8.5" x 11" sheet protectors are the ideal choice for your projects. Each sheet is 3-hole-punched and offers top-loading ease for effortless insertion and removal of documents.

Aluminum Screw Posts

Screw posts (often referred to as Chicago Screw Posts) are a great choice for binding photo albums, swatch books, scripts, architectural blueprints, engineering drawings, or any application where loose sheets need to be kept together. Binding with screw posts allows for easy editing without damaging the bound materials. Removable aluminum fasteners consist of two pieces (screw and post) inserted into round hole punched paper and covers. Need more capacity? Add screw post extensions to the posts to extend the length of your binding posts.

Fastback Tape Binding Strips

Thermal tape binding is an easy and affordable document binding solution. Super Strip™ 11" Binding Strips were designed specifically for use in Thermal Tape Machines such as the Fastback Model 20. Super Strips™ are offered in three colors: Black, White, and Navy. Available widths are: Narrow, Medium, and Wide.

Custom colors and sizes are available upon request.

Loose Leaf Rings

Metal loose leaf book binding rings are also referred to as "metal book rings", "binding rings", and "loose leaf rings". Made of nickel plated steel, book rings are used to bind paper, swatches and to create many point of purchase displays. The lock snaps open easily to insert punched materials, yet locks securely once it is closed.

Plastic Comb Binding Supplies

Plastic comb binding is one of the most popular types of GBC binding used. It is economical, durable, reusable, and easy to use. Plastic comb binding is well-suited for many applications and can be custom imprinted with your company's name and logo. Comb binders are frequently used by schools and businesses and also have home applications. 19 or 24 ring plastic combs are compatible with GBC and all standard comb binding systems. Made of rigid plastic, they won't chip, peel, or discolor.

SecureBind -  VeloBind

SecureBind™ Strips, like VeloBind® 11-Pin Binding Strips, are durable, slim, and give your presentations a professional, book-like finish.

11 Pin Strip Hot Knife Strips, called VeloBind® or SecureBind or UltraBind Strips, work in hot knife machines.

Spiral Coil Binding Supplies

Our Plastic Coils are a binding option growing in popularity that lies flat even when opened cover-to-cover (360°). It has elastic-like flexibility, is available in almost every color to coordinate with your covers, and looks great with calendars, cookbooks, and instruction books. Our coils are available in 12" and 36" lengths to accommodate almost any size book. 5 mm and 6 mm pitch coil is also available- call for availability and pricing.

Colors and special lengths are produced to order, call for pricing!

Wire Binding Supplies

Twin Loop Wire Elements are stocked in 3:1 pitch (32 loop) in 14" to 916," 2:1 pitch (21 loop) in 58" to 1," and in black, white, red, blue, and silver. We also offer a wide variety of additional colors- call for minimums and pricing.

For use with Twin Wire Systems, Akiles, Rhino-O-Tuff, and all other wire binding machines that use twin or double loop wire binding supplies. Wire binding allows documents to lie flat for easy reading. When used for proposals, executive summaries, calendars, presentations, and reports, the overall look is neat and professional.