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Interchangeable Punching Die MachinesFilmsource offers the Akiles heavy-duty, versatile modular binding punches that are designed as an affordable option for offices that need to use multiple types of binding. The FlexiPunch allows you to create up to four different punch patterns using easy to change modular punching dies.

Akiles VersaMac Electric Punch Interchangable Die Machine

Akiles VersaMac Electric Punch Interchangable Die Machine
Product #D*AVersaMac
Price: US $4,899.00
Price: US $3,779.00

The Akiles VersaMac Electric Punch Interchangeable Die Machine offers more power and more versatility than any other binding punch in its class. In fact, the VersaMac is one of the most productive punches on the market today. With its easy-to-use interchangeable die feature and efficient modular design, this modular binding punch is compatible with commercial volume workloads in all binding styles. You can count on the VersaMac's rugged construction to get your job done on-time, especially in critical moments. VersaMac's modular design and interchangeable die feature means you can expand on your VersaMac's functionality any time by purchasing more accessories and binding modules. The Akiles VersaMac is your best solution when it comes to a productive and dependable punch system.


Punch Capacity: Up to 55 sheets of 20 lb. paper per lift

Industrial-Grade Punch Motor: Induction AC motor (400 W) with high-heat-resistant electromagnetic break

Extra Wide 14" Single Punching Length With Open Ends: Easy punching for legal-size sheets as well as longer sheet sizes

Adjustable Depth Margin: Provides the correct punch margin depth for each element size

Interchangeable Die With Fully Disengageable Pins: Quickly and easily change from one punch pattern to another

Oval 4:1 (True Pitch) Punch Die: For quick and easy insertion of binding element

Choice of Punch Dies in Various Shapes and Pitches: (Oval / Round / Square / Rectangular); ( 2:1 / 3:1 / 4:1 / 5 mm / 6 mm / Comb)

Anti-Jam (Reverse) Features: Automatic and manual anti-jam features provide maximum assurance to avoid downtime

LED Diagnostic Lights: Indicates critical information to the operator

Foot Pedal or Manual Punch Operation: Allows for hands-free operation or manual control

Innovative Quiet/Quick Punch Operation: Streamlines operations and is ideal for the quiet office environment

Side Margin Control: Provides a centered punch for all documents

Wire Holder: Holds wire in place for easier inserting of sheets

Height-Adjustable Non-Skid Feet: Allows customization of set-up and provides stability

Element Diameter Scale: Measures documents' thickness in order to select best wire/coil/comb element size option

U-Shaped Alignment Channel: Aids in conforming the spine of large diameter documents to the coils' shape, for easier insertion

Extra-Large Waste Drawer with Overfill Window: Convenient store and access waste trimmings

Rugged, All-Metal Construction: Ensures superior durability and performance

CE Certification: All components certified and approved by CE for the most stringent safety requirements

ISO9001 Quality: For highest quality control

Three Year Manufacturer's Warranty on Machine


Dimensions: 1012" H x 18" L x 2012" W

Shipping Weight: 121 lbs. - Must ship Truck

Punching Capacity: 3 Hole and Velo - 55 Sheets; 4:1 Coil (Oval / Round) - 35 Sheets; 3:1 Wire (Square) - 35 Sheets; 2:1 Wire (Rectangular) - 35 Sheets; Comb Binding (Rectangular) - 35 Sheets

Must ship truck ~ Approx $175.00 freight

3 Year Warranty on Machine ~ 1 Year on Die Set

Choose one of the interchangeable die sets!

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AVM-D41 Coil 4:1 - round    
AVM-410 Coil 4:1 - Oval    
AVM-D31 Wire 3:1 square hole    
AVM-D21 Wire 2:1 rectangular    
AVM-D3H 3 hole - round    
AVM-DC comb - rectangular