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Coil Punch and Binding Machines - Manual and Electric

Coil binding machines create professional presentations and booklets. Akiles and Rhin-O-Tuff and other top Manufacturer's make plastic coil binding machines, the most popular type of book binding method. Documents will have a sleek, professional look and will be securely bound yet easily revised. Coil is available in a wide range of sizes and colors. Coil bound books rotate 360 degrees, and will lay flat.

Coil is great for bound media that is mailed because of its resiliency.

Akiles RubiCoil Binding Machine

Akiles RubiCoil Binding Machine
Product #ARC
Price: US $279.00
Price: US $180.00

Akiles RubiColi Spiral Coil Binding Machine. Manual coil binding winds easily through punched paper, firmly holding your document together. Coil bound books ship easy, coil binding won't bend or break.
Office use punch & manual inserter.
Pitch: 4:1
Width: 11" or 12"
Punch Capacity: 8-10 (20lbs/Paper)
Binding Capacity: any size

Price includes:  100 pieces of 8 mm black 12" plastic coils 4:1 pitch

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Plastic Coils



Pitch6mm or 4:1
Hole PunchRound (4mm radius)
FormatLetter or A4 (46 or 49 Dies)
Punching CapacityUp to 10 sheets of 20 Lbs. bond paper
Side MarginIncluded
Waste DrawerIncluded
Weight & CbFt16 Lbs & 0.75 CbFt
WarrantyOne Year
  • Effective: Punches up to 10 sheets of 20lbs. bond paper.
  • Harden Steel dies: For a clean and precise punch every time, even when perforating delicate or hard to punch materials, such as PVC, PP, Polyester, etc.
  • "U" Shape Handle: Maximizes punching-strength, for an effortless perforation.
  • Strong: Metal Chassis and High Quality Components guarantee durability and reliability.
  • Side Margin Guide: To evenly center the document.
  • Inserting Table Channel: Aids with the inserting of coil for a faster and more efficient bind.
  • ISO 9002 Quality

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