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Pouch Laminator Machines

We offer Thermal Pouch Laminators from industry-leading manufacturers in a variety of sizes, including: 6", 9", 12", 13", and 18". Ease of use and portability make these pouch laminators ideal solutions for the small office or print shop. Lamination is the perfect way to preserve photos, documents, posters, business cards, and more.

Looking for a small 6" pouch laminator for ID badges or nametags, a medium-sized pouch laminator for letters or legal-sized documents, or a large pouch laminator for menus and small posters? Filmsource has them all!

Akiles ProLam Plus 330 13" Pouch Laminator

Akiles ProLam Plus 330 13" Pouch Laminator
Product #PL330Plus
Price: US $509.00
Price: US $279.00

The Akiles ProLam Plus 330 13" Pouch Laminator features a dual heat system (heated rollers and heat plate combination) for more efficient lamination at lower temperatures. The ProLam Plus 330 allows for flawless lamination of all standard pouch thicknesses and documents up to 13" wide. Heated rollers allow balanced heat distribution during the laminating process, thus guaranteeing crystal-clear, bubble-free results.


Throat Capacity: 13"

Max Pouch Thickness: 10 mil

Speed: Laminates up to 21" per minute

Hot or Cold Lamination: Perfect for temperature-sensitive inks and substrates

Heated Silicone Rollers: Provide the flexibility of laminating with or without a carrier

Dual Heat System: Ensures even heat distribution during lamination