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Comb Binding Machines - Manual and Electric

If plastic comb binding is your choice for documents that open easily and lie flat, they make perfect reference materials and training manuals. When you need to make changes, just add, remove or rearrange pages in seconds. Simply rebind the document and you're done!

We offer only the top manufacturers machines in manual and electric GBC style comb binding and combo machines that bind comb and coil or comb and wire. Plastic Comb binding has been one of the most popular types of bindings for many years. It is very versatile and allows you to bind any book from 3/16 inch up to 2 inches wide in a variety of colors.

Akiles MegaBind 1 Manual Comb Binding Machine

Akiles MegaBind 1 Manual Comb Binding Machine
Product #MB1
Price: US $520.00
Price: US $299.00

The MegaBind I Manual Punch/Comb Binder is a great choice for your binding needs. The MegaBind I features an adjustable side guide which allows you to align the paper for the best punch. Another great feature of the MegaBind I is the disengaging punches which allow for precision punching. The MegaBind I Binding capacity is 3/16" to 2"(425 sheets of standard paper).Maximum length capacity of 24 rings easily accommodates legal size. EXTRA HEAVY DUTY!!!

The AkilesMegabind is the most complete and professional punch and binding machine on the market. It is very heavy duty, as the construction is all metal.

The double handle system allows you to work faster and more efficiently, as you can punch and bind simultaneously or independently of each other.

  • Maximum length capacity:14"e ~ 24 rings
  • Die disengagement: Included
  • Binding capacity: From 3/16" to 2"
  • Punching capacity: Up to 20/25 sheets (20 lb. bond)
  • Includes punching margin control, continuous binding control, side margin control and waste compartment.
  • Dimensions: 21 1/4" x 18 1/8" x 15"
  • Shipping Weight: 31 lbs

Usage Tip: Although this is a manual machine, it fits well in a small to medium size office to use for proposals, reports, calendars, and more. This machine is proven to be a very durable and dependable unit.

Binding Tip: Always punch scratch paper first to make sure the paper margin is set correctly so that the holes are centered along the binding edge. This is also a good idea to do when first using the machine in case there is some left-over oil residue from the manufacturing process.

Maintenance Tip: If punching clear covers, punch a sheet of wax paper a few times afterwards to clean off any residue left on the punching pins.

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