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Wire Binding MachinesWe offer manual or electric punch machines to create professional wire bound presentations. Documents open easily and lie flat, perfect for training manuals. Features to look for when choosing a wire binding machine:
1. Punch capacity - how many sheets it can punch at one time
2. Bind capacity - how many sheets it can bind at one time
3. Paper sizes accepted

Wire bindings are great for reports, proposals, hanging calendars and presentations. Double Loop or Twin Loop wire binding machines are available in a manual or electric version.

Double loop wire bindings are available in a 3:1 pitch or a 2:1 pitch hole patterns. Wire binding allows the document to lay flat and the pages to wrap all the way around.

Akiles iWire 3:1 Manual Wire Punch & Closer

Akiles iWire 3:1 Manual Wire Punch & Closer
Product #IW3
Price: US $399.00
Price: US $215.00

With its modern and compact design, the Akiles iWire 3:1 Punch and Binding Machine is the perfect all-in-one solution for any office environment.


Hardened Punch Die System: Individually cast-hardened and heat-treated steel punch dies ensure many years of trouble-free operation

Modern & Compact Design: Sleek and stylish design that fits in any professional office or copier room

Easy & Efficient Operation: Simple 2-step setup & 15-sheet single punch capacity make your binding jobs easier than ever

Wire Measuring Guides: Built-in guides help determine the correct wire size to be used for any given book thickness

Available in 2 versions: iWire 3:1 version binds up to 916" and iWire 2:1 version binds up to 114"

Vertical Punching: For easy alignment of sheets and reduced punching errors

Anti-Dust Cover: Keeps the inside of the machine clean and dust-free when not in use

Ergonomic Handle: For a smooth and effortless punch every time

Wire Size Guide: Helps determines appropriate wire size for your bound documents

Waste Drawer: Easily accessible and removable waste compartment stores trimmings and other waste

Wire Holder: Holds wire in place for easy insertion of sheets

Wire Closer Selector: Slide the selector bar and set the wire closer according to your wire size, for a secure closure every time

Side Margin Control: Guarantees a well-centered punch on each document

One Year Manufacturer's Warranty


Pitch: 3:1

Punching Length: 11" (32 Holes)

Hole Punch: Square

Closing Capacity: 316" to 916"

Punching Capacity: 15 sheets of 20 lb. paper

Punching/Closing System: Vertical/Vertical

Weight & Volume: 20 lbs. & 1.40 CbFt.

Dimensions: 21" x 16" x 7"