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Coil Punch and Binding Machines - Manual and Electric

Coil binding machines create professional presentations and booklets. Akiles, Rhin-O-Tuff, and other top manufacturers make plastic coil binding machines, the most popular type of book binding method. Documents will have a sleek, professional look and are securely bound yet easily revised. Coil is available in a wide range of sizes and colors. Coil-bound books rotate 360 degrees and will lay flat.

Akiles iCoil Manual 4:1+ Punch & Electric Inserter

Akiles iCoil Manual 4:1+ Punch & Electric Inserter
Product #D*AAIC-41+
Price: US $549.00
Price: US $298.00

With its modern and compact design, the Akiles iCoil Manual 4:1+ Punch and Electric Inserter is the perfect all-in-one solution for any office environment.


Oval Holes: Improves your coil binding speed by as much as 50%

Coil Inserter & Crimpers: Improves binding efficiency, and the inserter's concealed design makes iCoil compact for storage

Coil Measuring Guides: Built-in guides help determine the correct coil size to be used for any given book thickness

Modern & Compact Design: Sleek and stylish design that fits in any professional office or copier room

Vertical Punching: For easy alignment of sheets and reduced punching errors

Anti-Dust Cover: Keeps the inside of the machine clean and dust-free when not in use

Ergonomic Handle: For a smooth and effortless punch

Hardened Punch Die System: Individually cast-hardened & heat-treated steel punch dies ensures many years of trouble-free operation

Foot Pedal: For easy and hands-free operation

Electric Inserter: Makes coil binding fast and accurate

Coil Crimper: Cuts and crimps the coil to prevent it from spinning out of the book

Coil Size Selector: Built-in guides help determine the correct coil size to be used for any given book thickness

Side Margin Control: Guarantees a well-centered punch on your document

One Year Manufacturer's Warranty


Pitch: Letter 4:1 (0.248")

Hole Size: Oval (4 mm x 5 mm)

Punching Length: 11" (44 Holes)

Punch Capacity: 15 Sheets

Punching: Manual

Inserter: Electric

Binding Capacity: Up to 78" (electric inserter), Up to 2" (manually)

Side Margin Guide: Included

Weight & Volume: 18 lbs. & 1.4 CbFt

Dimensions: 21" x 16" x 7"