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Hole Punches & Padding  & Grommet Machines

Choose from our selection of padding presses, hole punches, and grommet machines to find the perfect solution for your business needs. We offer padding presses and punches from Martin Yale, and grommet machines from Akiles.

Find out how you can decrease production time and increase profits with the use of one of our high-quality units!

Akiles Eyelet Punch with Guide

Akiles Eyelet Punch with Guide
Product #D*AAEP
Price: US $50.00
Price: US $35.95

The Akiles Hand-Held Eyelet Punch provides a fast, easy, and economical way for you to add an eyelet to your documents, samples, or other projects. This unit will both produce the hole for the eyelets and also work to allow you to set the eyelet in place. This unit is designed for use with eyelets that are 4.8 mm x 4.6 mm in diameter, featuring an adjustable punching margin and a guide ruler. Check out the Akiles Hand-Held Eyelet Punch and Setter today!


Punch: 5 mm diameter (paper or plastic)

Punching Capacity: 20 sheets (20 lb. bond paper)

Binding: Eyelet size 4.8 mm x 4.6 mm

Adjustable Punching Margin: From 10 - 15.2 mm

Guide Ruler: Assists with eyelet placement

Heavy-Duty Metal Construction: Ensures years of superior performance and durability

Brass-Plated Eyelets:

These high-quality brass-plated eyelets are designed for use with the Akiles Eyelet Punch. Each eyelet measures 4.8 mm x 4.6 mm and can hold up to 30 sheets of 20 lb. bond. These eyelets are packaged with 250 per bag and offer an excellent, economical way for you to bind your documents, samples, and other items. Check them out today!

Type: Compression Eyelets

Material: Brass-Plated Steel

Size: 4.8 mm x 4.6 mm

Binding Capacity: Up to 30 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper

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