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Wire Binding MachinesWe offer manual or electric punch machines to create professional wire bound presentations. Documents open easily and lie flat, perfect for training manuals. Features to look for when choosing a wire binding machine:
1. Punch capacity - how many sheets it can punch at one time
2. Bind capacity - how many sheets it can bind at one time
3. Paper sizes accepted

Wire bindings are great for reports, proposals, hanging calendars and presentations. Double Loop or Twin Loop wire binding machines are available in a manual or electric version.

Double loop wire bindings are available in a 3:1 pitch or a 2:1 pitch hole patterns. Wire binding allows the document to lay flat and the pages to wrap all the way around.

Akiles Electric Wire FlexiCloser

Akiles Electric Wire FlexiCloser
Product #D*AFlexicloser
Price: US $1,899.00
Price: US $1,249.00

The Akiles Electric Wire FlexiCloser is the world's first Smart-Detect automatic wire closer. The FlexiCloser automatically detects and closes any size wire with just a push of the button. The wire closing range is designed to close all types of wires, from 316" to 112", in either 3:1 or 2:1 pitch. The micro-adjust control panel also allows the user to fine tune the closure for virtually any size wire. Its modular design means it can be mounted with the FlexiPunch machines or operated as a stand-alone unit.


Wire Compatibility: All wires

Built-In Wire Holder: Makes insertion quick and simple

LCD Display: Communicates necessary information and diagnostics to operator

Micro-Adjust Feature: Allows fine tuning for virtually any wire size

Safety Sensor with Auto Reverse: Built-in safety feature prevents injury and paper jams, providing worry-free operation

Weight: 30 lbs. - Ships UPS

Inserting Wire:

●Insert pre-selected wire into wire holder.

●Insert documents from the last page to the first page, and then insert the front cover. The back cover should be inserted last, with inside facing up.

●Take out the unbound book from the wire holder by lifting the wire upward- be careful to not let the pages fall out of the wire. The seam of the closed wire should be inside the back cover of your book.