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Slot Punches and Round Corner Machines

Use a manual or electric corner rounder to give plastic and laminated documents a professional finishing touch. Filmsource offers a wide variety of corner rounder from industry-leading manufacturers such as Akiles and Lassco Wizer. Corner rounder machines are available with several choices of corner cut curves and are compatible with all standard materials like PVC, paper, polypropylene, and polyester covers.

Akiles Diamond-1 Plastic Pad (5cs/Bag)

Akiles Diamond-1 Plastic Pad (5cs/Bag)
Product #AD1PP
Price: US $15.00
Price: US $9.99

Maintain the quality and sharpness of your round cornering knife by replacing the blue plastic cap on an ongoing basis. The Akiles Diamond-1 Plastic Pad helps minimize the dullness of the knife, giving you the best finish possible.


Material: Plastic

Color: Blue

Quantity: 5 blue caps per package

Priced per package