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Slot Punches and Round Corner Machines

Use the manual or electric Corner Rounder to give plastic and laminated documents the professional finishing touch. The Akiles hand-held corner rounder has a self-guiding feed to ensure accurate cuts. The corner rounder machines are available with several choices of corner cut curves.

The Electric table top corner rounder has a wide surface, edge guides and an easy-to-use press lever cutter. These machines work with all standard materials like PVC, paper, polypropylene and polyester Covers.

Akiles Diamond 1 Knife 3/8"

Akiles Diamond 1 Knife 3/8"
Product #AD1038
Price: US $45.00
Price: US $23.00

Akiles Diamond-1 knives. 3/8" R corner die.

Stylize your business cards, documents, pamphlets and small booklets with various round corners. Choose different knives to expand your round cornering finish. Filmsource offers three great options for you to choose from.

  • 3/8" die