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Comb Binding Machines - Manual and Electric

If you need documents that open easily and lie flat, plastic comb binding is the ideal solution! Perfect for reference materials and training manuals- when changes must be made, you can add, remove, or rearrange pages in seconds. Simply rebind the document and you're done!

Plastic Comb Binding has been one of the most popular types of bindings for many years due to its versatility, allowing you to bind any book from 316" up to 2" wide in a variety of colors. We offer only the top manufacturers' machines in manual and electric GBC-style comb binding and combo machines that bind comb and coil or comb and wire.

Akiles CombMac-24E Electric Comb Binding Equipment

Akiles CombMac-24E Electric Comb Binding Equipment
Product #CM24
Price: US $1,999.00
Price: US $1,299.00

With its heavy-duty punch motor and complete system of functions, the Akiles CombMac-24E makes comb binding fast, easy, convenient, and professional, making it the ideal partner for commercial volume workloads. Reliable and powerful, the CombMac-24E will provide years of worry-free operation for your business.


Comb Opener Handle: For easy release of comb-bound documents

Depth Margin Control: Provides the correct punch margin depth for each wire/comb size and maximizes document tear resistance

Open Punching Throat: For punching of longer documents

Punch Throat & Ruler for Comb: Easy and accurate alignment of documents

Diameter Scale: Measures comb diameter for appropriate sizing

Large Capacity Waste Drawer: Convenient and accessible storage of waste trimming

Side Margin Control: Provides evenly-centered punches for all document sizes

Disengageable Pins: All pins can be independently disengaged, allowing punching of any size document while preventing partial side-end perforation

Heavy-Duty Design: By CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) technology

Jam Release (Reverse) Switch: For worry-free maintenance and operation

CE Certification: All components certified and approved by CE for the most stringent safety requirements

High-Volume Punching Capacity: Up to 25 sheets

Foot Pedal Operated: For simple, hands-free operation


Punching: Electric (Foot Pedal)

Punching Pitch: Standard Comb Pitch

Punching Length: 14" (with open ends for longer sizes)

Disengagement Pins: All 24 pins

Hole Size: Rectangular 3.12 mm x 7.94 mm

Single Punching Capacity: Up to 25 sheets of 20 lb. paper, letter size

Binding Capacity: 316"

Adjustable Side Margin: Included

Adjustable Depth Margin: Included

Weight & Volume: 70 lbs. & 3.74 Cbft

One Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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