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Coil Punch and Binding Machines - Manual and Electric

Coil binding machines create professional presentations and booklets. Akiles and Rhin-O-Tuff and other top Manufacturer's make plastic coil binding machines, the most popular type of book binding method. Documents will have a sleek, professional look and will be securely bound yet easily revised. Coil is available in a wide range of sizes and colors. Coil bound books rotate 360 degrees, and will lay flat.

Coil is great for bound media that is mailed because of its resiliency.

Akiles CoilMac-ECI Heavy Duty Punch

Akiles CoilMac-ECI Heavy Duty Punch
Product #CM4
Price: US $969.00
Price: US $671.00

Akiles Manual Punch and Electric Coil Inserter
Heavy Duty Punch & electric inserter.

  • Pitch: 4:1
  • Width: single punch length 13"
  • Punch Capacity: 15-20 (20lbs/Paper)
  • Binding Capacity: 25mm - 1"
  • One Year Warranty

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Plastic Coils

With the most complete system of functions and a built-in electric coil inserter, the CoilMac-ECI is in a class all to itself...The CoilMac-ECI makes coil binding fast, easy and professional, making it the ideal partner for larger volume workloads.

Punching Length:13" (55dies)13" (65dies)13" (53 dies)
Single Punching Capacity:Up to 20 sheets (20lbs)
Hole Punch:Round (4mm radius)
Disengagin Dies:5
Single Punching Capacity:17 sheets (20 lbs paper)
Binding Capacity:Up to 7/8"
Weight & CbFt:59 lbs & 2.80 CbFt
Warranty:One Year