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Pouch Laminator Machines

We offer 6", 9", 12" & 13", 18" thermal pouch laminators are some of the most popular sizes of laminators on the market. The ease of use and mobility make these pouch laminators best sellers. Lamination is the perfect way to preserve photos, documents, posters, business cards and more. Laminators are available in both hot lamination and cold lamination.

Looking for a small 6" pouch laminator for laminating ID badges or nametags, a medium sized pouch laminator for laminating letters or legal sized documents, or a large pouch laminator capable of laminating menus and small posters, we have them all. Check out our full line of pouch laminators


  • Akiles 6" ProLam Plus 160 Pouch Laminator

    Akiles 6" ProLam Plus  160 Pouch Laminator
    Product #D*A160PROLAMPLUS
    Price: US $400.00
    Price: US $210.00

    6" 160 Pro-Lam Plus Akiles Pouch Laminator This 6" professional and efficient laminator get the job done! The extruded aluminum heat plates guarantee consistent heat distribution. Independent heat & motor switch allows the machine to be left on stand-by, eliminating the warm-up time.

    Easy To Use & Practical: It laminates with or without a carrier (we recommend the employment of carriers when using 10mil pouches).

    • Throat Capacity 6.3 inch
    • Forward/Reverse Switch
    • Heat/Cold Switch
    • Maximum pouch thickness: 10 mil
    • Temperature Range: 230 ~ 356 degrees F
    • Silicon Rollers: Eliminate the need to use carriers while ensuring a constant feeding speed.
    • Built-in Electronic Circuit Board: Allows quick and exact temperature adjustments.
    • Gradual Temperature Control Allows an easy temperature adjustment when changing pouch thickness, pouch composition, or laminating different materials.
    • Heavy-Duty Motor: Does not get tired or over-heat, even under the hardest working conditions.
    • Steel Gears: Guarantee strength and durability.
    • Durable: Given its heavy-duty motor, steel gears, silicone rollers, metal cover, etc., the Pro-Lam is made to last.
    • Weight: 14 lbs
    • Dimensions: 14.5 x 8.5 x 4.5
    • Warranty: 1 Year