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Spiral Coil Binding Supplies

Our Plastic Coils are a binding option growing in popularity that lies flat even when opened cover-to-cover (360°). It has elastic-like flexibility, is available in almost every color to coordinate with your covers, and looks great with calendars, cookbooks, and instruction books. Our coils are available in 12" and 36" lengths to accommodate almost any size book. 5 mm and 6 mm pitch coil is also available- call for availability and pricing.

Colors and special lengths are produced to order, call for pricing!

7mm (9/32'') 4:1 36" Plastic Coils 100 per box

7mm (9/32'') 4:1 36" Plastic Coils 100 per box
Product #7XXX36-4
Price: US $49.50
Price: US $13.54

Plastic coil binding is economical, durable, easy to use, and available in a variety of colors and sizes, making it a popular binding solution. If your bound documents will be handled often or need to be shipped, plastic coil is a perfect choice. Binds materials up to 532" thick.


●36" length

●4:1 pitch

932" diameter

●40 sheet capacity

●Black and white are stock

●100 per box

●Priced per box

Colors are produced to order.

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