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Matte Laminating Roll Film

Matte roll laminating film is a convenient way to eliminate glare on laminated surfaces. Our high-quality standard roll 1.5 mil laminating film is designed to provide protection and preservation to porous paper materials with light-to-medium ink coverage.

The premium 3 mil matte film is considered a low-melt film due to its heat-activated (thermal) backing adhesive that softens and bonds at lower temperatures than standard thermal laminating films, making it ideal for temperature-sensitive inks and prints.

5 Mil 38" x 200' Matte 2" Core Film

5 Mil 38" x 200' Matte 2" Core Film
Product #382005M2
Price: US $420.00
Price: US $155.72

Matte roll laminating film is an ideal solution for eliminating glare on laminated documents. Soft to the touch, matte film provides superior protection and enhancement to images, student projects, classroom materials, and more!


Size: 38" x 200'

Thickness: 5 mil

Core: 2"

Finish: Matte

Material: Co-polymer

Adhesive: In

Quantity: 2 rolls per box

Priced per roll- 2 roll minimum

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