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Cutters, Trimmers & Cutting Mats

We offer a wide variety of multi-purpose cutters, trimmers, and cutting mats from a wide variety of quality manufacturers including: Fletcher-Terry, Akiles, MBM, Formax, and more! Fletcher-Terry cutters and trimmers can handle anything from foam boards to aluminum substrates. Akiles and MBM offer Guillotine Paper Cutters- swing-arm type cutters that cut paper, plastic, poster boards, mats, plastic, film, and mounting boards. Formax Cut-True Manual Paper Cutters combine accuracy with ease of use, designed to minimize labor and maximize workflow!

Available in many different sizes, our selection of cutters, trimmers, and cutting mats provides a solution for everyone and everything. Call for additional sizes and volume pricing.

40" x 60" Self-Healing Large Cutting Mat, Green/Black

40" x 60" Self-Healing Large Cutting Mat, Green/Black
Product #D*CGBM4060
Price: US $310.00
Price: US $299.00

The Alvin GBM4060 is a green/black reversible self-healing mat, made from a unique composite PVC vinyl material. Designed for both rotary blades and straight utility blades, three plies provide a long-lasting and non-stick surface that can be cut without showing marks or cutting lines. Perfect for signmakers, framers, printers, photographers, graphic artists, designers, quilting, sewing, scrapbooking, industrial applications, and more.


Size: 40" x "60"

Thickness: 3 mm, almost twice as thick as most hobby mats

Square Grid Pattern: Printed 12" and 1" square grid pattern includes guide lines for 45° and 60° angles

Four Numbered Edges: Fully numbered and graduated with 18" hash marks extending beyond the zero base line for convenience

Self-Healing: Reversible, non-glare, self-healing surface will not show cuts and automatically retains shape

Designed for Rotary Knives and Straight Utility Blades: Will not dull knife blades

Easy to Clean: With warm water and mild detergent

Weight: 13 lbs.