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Standard Laminating Roll Film

Protect your classroom prints and create stunning student projects with our standard-grade films, which are economical, durable, and designed for use with school-grade laminators.

Our roll films, composed of a premium polyester and adhesive blend, result in smooth, clear lamination and serve as an economical alternative for applications that demand heavy-gauge protection. A harder homopolymer adhesive prevents edge-ooze, and a thinner gauge polyester-base provides superior rigidity and abrasion resistance.

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3 mil 18" x 250' 2 5/16" Core Clear Roll Laminating Film

3 mil  18" x 250'  2 5/16" Core Clear Roll Laminating Film
Product #182503C2
Price: US $100.50
Price: US $16.68

Our standard roll laminating film is made with a premium blend of polyester and adhesive, ensuring superior rigidity and abrasion resistance. Protect and enhance your important documents with our 3 mil laminating film! Designed for use with most heated roll laminators.


Size: 18" x 250'

Thickness: 3 mil

Core: 2516"

Finish: Glossy

Material: Homopolymer

Adhesive: Out

Quantity: 2 rolls per box

Priced per roll- 2 roll minimum

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