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Premium Laminating Roll Film

Our premium grade (low melt) co-polymer film runs at a lower temperature and is therefore faster to process than other films. It is often used for glossy, hard-to-laminate items due to its aggressive adhesion qualities. Premium film is an ultra-clear, polyester-base film with a co-polymer adhesive that adheres to a wide range of substrates, including heavily-printed papers, photographic paper, films, card applications, and more. Call for volume pricing!

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3 mil - 12" x 1000' - 2 5/16" Core - Low Melt - Clear Roll Laminating Film

3 mil - 12" x 1000' - 2 5/16" Core - Low Melt - Clear Roll Laminating Film
Product #PR1210003C2
Price: US $286.00
Price: US $44.76

Our premium films, composed of a blend of the highest quality polyester and adhesives, guarantee a consistent, smooth, clear finish. The aggressive co-polymer films activate at lower temperatures, increasing your production speed, and make even the most difficult jobs manageable.


Size: 12" x 1000'

Thickness: 3 mil

Core: 2516"

Finish: Glossy

Material: Co-polymer

Adhesive: Out

Quantity: 2 rolls per box

Priced per roll- 2 roll minimum

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